The Fairy Captivity Chapter 85: Latest Updates & Revelations

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The Fairy Captivity Chapter 85

The much spoken and speculated manga The Fairy Captivity got circulated today i.e. on November 14, 2016, in its native as well as neighbouring countries. An all time hit in its national platform, the following manga is equally popular in the side-by-side nations due to its superb imaginative contents. The Fairy Captivity Chapter 85 will definitely include more interesting twists subsequently evolving the central characters in various forms. So, let’s take a look at the latest chapters of the manga.

Ultimately based on a dystopian fantasy or say speculative science fiction in which the futuristic universe is ruled by other creatures. The human beings are taken over by fairies of which one central character Yue Hu (a young native master) encounters the fairy Fei Liai. As he tries to uncover the truth eventually going deep down inside the other universe, the actual truth and dark secrets are revealed. The latest manga The Fairy Captivity Chapter 85 will have the central character, Yue Hu playing hostage to another envoy members where he is being treated in a perturbed manner.

The last chapter of the manga The Fairy Captivity Chapter 84 revolved around the central character Yue Hu, who is trying his best to hide fairy Fei Liai from his native land mates but however gets a call from his School’s principal to which he denies. HIs classmates are amazed to hear his reaction along with the unnatural behaviour of Fei Liai (the fairy) who is completely unacquainted to his friends. The boy who keeps himself free zoned gets captivated but and held hostage. He tries to escape, but the whole event is superbly designed so that any hostage can not escape. Also, Yue Hu recognises the secret captivator as Peng Rui who is Shi-Xiong’s elder sister, who addresses series of events to the organisation’s Director. With all three characters standing face to face, the argument continues thus threatening up to help grow Yue Hu more fiercely.

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In the upcoming manga series, The Fairy Captivity Chapter 85 will showcase Yue Hu transforming into a Spiced Egg when he is threatened by the other organisation’s Director. “If you do not comply, you shall suffer. If you run, their (hostages of the organisation) bodies will be at your feet” was the sole verse which made Yue Hu more fierce thus using his other powers to transform things. The new ability of Yue Hu turning into a spiced egg will take to which level, will be the gist of chapter 85 of The Fairy Captivity.

The respective manga series is ranked 240th in Japan which has almost 1,31,385 views on a monthly basis. The Fairy Captivity Chapter 84 received a score of 4.31 out of 5 based on 58 votes. However, the upcoming series is most likely to have more viewership as it holds higher expectation from the readers.

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