The End : The Kapil Sharma Show

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Kapil Sharma Show

Kapil Sharma’s admirers did not come out of the controversy over Kapil and Sunil Grover, where they are getting more than one shocking news about Kapil’s show. Kapil Sharma and his admirers can be very shocked of this news. According to reports , the show, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, which has been broadcast on Sony TV, Sony Channel has now refused to renew the Show.

It seems that Kapil Sharma’s troubles are not taking the name of the end, and now the announcement of the Sony TV shows something like this that Kapil’s good time has come to an end. After all the fights with Sunil, all the actors have also boycotted the show, which has resulted in the TRP of the show continuously decreasing. However, Kapil tried his best to get the show on his old track but could not make it.

Kapil also shot an episode with new comedians in his show but could not make any passage in it. According to a famous daily report, the show’s makers are not ready to give the show 107 million rupees. Because now he is not getting any benefit from ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Now if Kapil has to save himself, then he will have to return Sunil and Ali Asghar to his show. However, Kapil had earlier expressed his desire to bring Comedy to the show, which had failed completely.

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