The Clothes That All Footballers Wear

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Footballers Wear

When it’s time to step out into the world, it’s always nice to dress to impress. Whether a footballer is on the field or hanging with friends, it’s always great to look the part. If you’re a footballer who would like to improve the overall wardrobe, consider adding the following garments to your closet as these are the clothes that all footballers wear.

The Clothes That All Footballers Wear

Footballers Wear


Jerseys and t-shirts are staples for any man’s closet. This is especially true for the footballer. First, it’s good to stock up on jerseys that can be worn while playing. You want to find jerseys that are made of breathable fabrics. If you can find air-wicking options, that will help you remain cool when you’re playing a rousing game. In addition to purchasing jerseys that you can play in, it’s great to have separate jerseys that you can enjoy for casual activities. Whether you’re meeting up for a date with your wife or hanging out with the guys for a night at the local sports bar, you don’t want to wear the same jerseys you’d typically wear to get sweaty in. Choose a Mansport brand that allows you to look polished yet comfortably casual at the same time.

Stylish Jackets

When the temperature drops a bit, have a few jackets that you can pull out of your closet. Make sure one of those jackets is a tapered dress coat. Choose a color like camel, gray or black. Those colors will complement any dressy casual outfit. Find a few jackets that have some flair. The classic jean jacket is universal for all seasons, and it will never go out of style. A few trendy jackets are fun to include as well. A silk or satin jacket that has some embroidering will make a statement in a fun way.

Footballers Wear


When you’re in the middle of a good game of football, nothing is more uncomfortable than a pair of shorts that continue to ride up the inner thighs. Find shorts that are made of breathable fabrics like cotton. Read reviews to make sure the shorts you purchase don’t ride up the middle of your legs. However, if you have a pair of shorts that have the issue, wear a pair of spandex shorts underneath. Spandex shorts are really easy to move in, and they’ll help to prevent potential chafing.

Padded Socks

Football can be a rough sports. Whether it’s the ball, someone else’s cleats or a tumble on the field, there are plenty of opportunities to get hurt. When you protect your body, you’ll decrease the chances of injury. One of the best ways to do that is by wearing socks that are padded. Purchase the knee-high socks that all footballers wear. Then, you can purchase the proper protective padding to go underneath. Be sure to purchase tons of socks. If you’re someone who plays often, you don’t want to get stuck wearing the same dirty socks. The feet sweat a lot during a rousing game of football. You’ll need socks in order to absorb all of the moisture.

Footballers Wear


Cleats are the cornerstone of a footballer’s outfit. Find cleats that are both comfortable and fashionable. Since you’ll spend a lot of time wearing them, make sure they have the support for your soles. Consider the fit to make sure it’s not too tight. Once your comfort is secured, infuse the fashion. Choose bright cleats in fun colors like neon green and bright orange. Take a look at the colors you tend to wear the most. Then, choose cleats that will complement that total look.

Embellished Sneakers

There are so many sneaker styles on the market. Whether you love Nike, Adidas or an off-brand option, make a statement with your outfit by including a fly pair of sneakers. There are sneakers that come in prints like leopard and houndstooth. Nothing makes a statement like a leopard print. You can also find really cool sneakers with embellishments like gold or silver studs and small diamonds. If you can find someone who’s willing to customize a plain pair of off-brand sneakers, that’s an easy way to create a customized, couture look that no one else will have. Standing out from the crowd is great for making an impression. When you’re able to stand out with the support of embellished sneakers, no one will be able to top your look.

As you add these clothes to your closet, don’t be afraid to customize them to make them your own. There’s nothing more impressive than a man with a strong sense of individual style. To get things started in the right direction, find a good tailor who can make sure all of your jerseys, jackets and other garments fit perfectly. When your garments are tailored, it’s a lot easier to maintain a polished appearance. Before long, you’ll be considered the best-dressed footballer in town.

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