The cast and crew of Star Wars give the best premiere in Tokyo, Japan

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Star Wars Premiere

On Wednesday night, you could spot all different kinds creatures, people, and even droids walking beautifully and gloriously on the red carpet in Tokyo, Japan. The characters spotted there were Chewbacca, Darth Vader, R2D2 and even a couple of Yodas. When Mark Hamill and Adam Driver walked in, you can well imagine what all fan-frenzy was for! It was the red carpet premiere of Star Wars: Star Wars has always been the hype. It is actually loved by millions of people.The Last Jedi in Tokyo, Japan, and the stars of the upcoming Hollywood film descended from a galaxy far, far away to be a part of this glitteringduo. This was something unusual, something unexpected but surprisingly it was a thing which made people go wow and scream to the best of their pitches with excitement and thrill. The whole auditorium was full of cheers.

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Mark was greeted with loud cheers from the fans who wanted nothing else but an autograph and maybe a selfie or two with the actor, who reprises his role of Luke Skywalker in the movie. Seeing him made the crowd go crazy as he is among the hot favorite of people. While in the case of Adam, there could not have been a bigger compliment than being greeted by fans calling out ‘Kylo Ren’. It was such a happy moment for this star. Director Rian Johnson and producer Kathleen Kennedy joined them on stage along with the droids and the stormtroopers. This made crowd become more chirpy and happy. The force was definitely with the fans of the epic movie series that night! The premiere definitely led the mouths open and all what crowd wanted was to have autograph and selfie with these bright talented stars.We all love star wars and surely watching the stars would have been a lovely experience.

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