The Boss Baby: Alec Baldwin Talks Like a Pro Business Man In the Form of a Toddler, Check the Trailer Out

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The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby:Tom McGrath directed American animated comedy movie The Boss Baby has been creating quite a lot of buzz among the viewers ever since the amusing trailer of it got released almost two days back. And the most exciting part about the animated comedy film is the voice of Alec Baldwin, which he has lent to the character of the suited baby who always carries a briefcase along with him and talks like a pro business man. Nevertheless, the storyline of the animated movie revolves around the characters of two brothers, and one of them is extremely happy with the kind of treatment he gets from his parents until they get him his baby brother who is bizarre in character. And the storyline of The Boss Baby gets a kick right after the elder brother gets to figure out the toddler can actually speak and gets to know about a plan which is set by the Puppy Co. CEO while he tries to win back his parents love for him.

However, the fans of Alec Baldwin are extremely curious regarding the animated movie and are looking forward to get more insight into the happenings of The Boss Baby. Nevertheless, the trailer of the animated film has left no stone unturned to make it look quite promising by portraying the hilarity of the scenarios with utmost perfection. It has depicted how the elder brother gets annoyed with the addition of his younger brother in the family, as he gets insecure about the fact that his parent’s love for him might get reduced. And the most hilarious and astonishing part about the trailer is when he tells the toddler that he can speak and he replies him back by saying “goo goo gaga” and the elder one replies “no you can really talk”. Then comes the most bizarre and jaw-dropping reply from the toddler as he says “fine I can talk, now let’s see if you can listen” and throws few notes at him by saying “get yourself a little something”.

Right after that the potency, as well as the hilarity level of The Boss Baby, escalates, as the baby says “let’s just say I am the boss” when the elder brother asks him who is he actually. The baby is witnessed as a professional businessman who likes deal with things related to business only.

However, the storyline of The Boss Baby looks quite unconventional and the trailer promises the viewers to keep up with their expectations with the depiction of the scenarios with extreme excellence.

The viewers will get to witness actress Lisa Kudrow lending her voice to the character of the mother, and Jimmy Kimmel lending his voice to the character of father.

Nevertheless, The Boss Baby will hit the silver screens on March 31, 2017.

Check out trailer of The Boss Baby below

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