The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon’s Coitus With Amy Shatters Guinness World Record For Largest Live Audience

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The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory, perhaps the funniest sitcom on television right now has reached that point in the show which has left every viewer and every enthusiast going ‘Haww’. Literally. Why so? Because finally, Sheldon Cooper(Played flawlessly by Jim Parsons) has coitus. and for those who are unfamiliar with the word, it means that he has had sex. For real. With a Girl. Which is his girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler.

Amy Farrah Fowler played by Mayim Bialik quite shockingly entered the sitcom as a main character in the fourth season and surprisingly became the ‘girlfriend’ of man-robot Sheldon Cooper and the two have been part of the weirdest relationship ever to be seen on a sit-com stage complete with relationship agreements in the classic Sheldon way as we have grown to see him belike.

Although the show is into its tenth season, the 11th episode of Season 9 of the Big Bang Theory has become a milestone for the American sitcom as the episode drew the highest number of live audience recorded for a show, ever with over 24 million fans tuning in to make the episode this large.

The episode titled ‘The opening night excitation’ which aired in December has finally broken the Guinness WorldRecord for the largest live audience and goes down to be one of the milestones in the history of the show and will definitely fuel the makers into making more seasons to come although Season 10 of the show has just started airing.

“The Opening Night Excitation” Episode Summary

After an iconic Star Wars-like opening credit crawl, the men are overjoyed to get opening night tickets to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, which premieres on Amy’s birthday. Sheldon still wants to see it, despite Penny saying he should be with Amy. Sheldon has a dream/visitation where Arthur Jeffries’ ghost talks with him while dressed as aJedi master, and convinces him Amy is more important. Talking over birthday gift ideas with Penny and Bernadette, he shocks them by saying he is going to have coitus with Amy to show her how much she means to him. On Amy’s birthday, Sheldon and Amy are nervous about having sex but enjoy the experience more than they expected. Sheldon wants to do it again on her next birthday, which is fine with Amy.

Jim Parsons is already riding high on success after being declared the highest paid actor in the TV world. If we will get to see more steamy scenes featuring the ShAmy, onlyChuck Lorre and Bill Prady knows. For now, Sheldon’s ‘ Genitalia’ gift to Amy was enough.

And Mindblowing.

Here, Have a look in case you missed it.

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