The Best Ways to Learn Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has one of the hottest markets of 2018. So, if you are planning to build a career in this innovative technology, now is the right time as its market has been facing some skill shortage lately.

In a recent study, it has been found out that preparing blockchain distributed ledgers in order to lead a business towards success is at the second number on the list of the top twenty fastest blooming job skills. Moreover, there has been an increase of more than two hundred percent in the job postings for skills related to blockchain.

Now if we talk about the salaries fetched by blockchain professionals. They are relatively more than what specialists with no blockchain skills receive. So, as per the CEO of Burning Glass Technologies, Matt Sigelman, the median salary of a blockchain engineer or developer in the United States is almost $130,000 annually.

However, if you look at the median salary of a general software engineer, it is around $105,000 per year. Which is noticeably lesser than what engineers working on blockchain technology get, especially, in places like New York, Silicon Valley or else Boston. Which are the high- tech areas of the United States. Where a blockchain developer can fetch as high as $158,000 per year.

There are some other particular iterations (like Hyperledger Composer and Solidity) to blockchain. Professionals with experience in such iterations are also incredibly high in demand and this demand is expanding every minute. According to Eric Piscin, an expert in banking and technology at Deloitte Consulting LLP.


Institutes offering Blockchain Courses

With the demand of blockchain developers being so high. Many professionals wish to gather knowledge of this field and perform blockchain related work. When it comes to pursuing a certification course on blockchain. Most of the times, people expect you to have a working knowledge of programming languages like Python or Java. However, that is not mandatory.

A lot of universities are coming up with blockchain training course that is well-structured and extremely informative. A well-renowned institute like MIT has introduced two programs on cryptocurrency engineering and design.

Stanford University has also designed a course known as Bitcoin Engineering. It is meant to teach people how to build bitcoin-enabled applications. Furthermore, Cryptocurrency Investment Specialist is a well-designed course which is provided by the Central Blockchain Council of America. This blockchain certification course is increasingly becoming well known among aspirants of learning blockchain technologies.

In order to begin a career in blockchain, earning a relevant blockchain certification from a decent institute is the best way to go about it. The blockchain certification courses have been structured in a way that they will provide with all the knowledge and skills related to blockchain technologies that are required to attain the role of a blockchain specialist in an organization using blockchain technologies. Organizations are in a constant hunt for blockchain specialist. As this is the perfect time for organizations to leverage this technology and attract more success.

  • The Best Ways to Learn Blockchain Technology

    Blockchain technology has one of the hottest markets of 2018. So, if you are planning to b…

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