The Americans Season 5 to Come up with an Intriguing Story Related to Henry

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Americans Season 5

The Americans Season 5:It is a known fact that the fifth season of FX’s The Americans is going to be the penultimate installment which will start airing from March 7. The fans cannot keep their calm until the show hits the television screens and innumerable questions have started pouring in as quite a few viewers are mulling over the thought of what exactly is going to take place in The Americans Season 5.

The Americans Season 5 will start airing from March 7

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, the executive producer of the show Joe Weisberg highlighted that this time they are going to embrace the “slow burn” title which was given by the viewers to this show as he mentioned: “We’ve come to embrace the slow burn — such a slow burn that it may not even be burning at all”.Weisberg also stated in his interview that The Americans Season 5 will have more intensified resolutions and there will be a story related to the character of Henry which will be highly intriguing and fun to watch. And this itself reveals that the fifth installment of The Americans has a lot in store for the fans.

On the other hand, the report also rolled out the first look of Philip and Elizabeth, and it seems that they would be essaying the characters of a pilot and a stewardess this time.

The viewers anticipate getting introduced to new characters whenever the showrunners renew a series for a new installment, and we can expect the same thing to happen in The Americans Season 5 as Game N Guide pointed out that the upcoming season is going to add two more characters to the show. And the new character will be portrayed by none other than The Walking Dead actor, Laurie Holden. Holden will be seen depicting the love interest of Stan Beeman on The Americans Season 5.

And by getting an insight into all the news associated with the fifth installment of the period drama series, it seems that the new season is going to be highly engaging.

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