The Affair Season 4 Might Make Fans Witness A Huge Time Leap Forward

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The Affair Season 4: The upcoming American television drama series The Affair is all set to have a renewal with a recently made official announcement. The show has already received acclaim from both critics and viewers alike, so the news about The Affair Season 4 comes as no surprise. The series debuted in October 2014 followed by instant praises from the masses who viewed it in YouTube,, and several other on-demand online platforms. Perhaps, this might be one of the reasons that the upcoming season got an instant nod for renewal and is most probably in talks about premiering in July or August 2017.

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Created by Sara Treem and Hagai Levi, The Affair Season 4 will be produced by Eric Overmyer, Anya Epstein, among others including the directing panel. With music composed by Marcelo Zarvos, the cinematography has been supported by Steven Fierberg and Tod Campbell. Showtime giving 50 minutes each to all episodes, the series will be aired on the online platform with 29 lists of episodes per season. However, this particular season may carry a total of 30 episodes of 50-minute duration each, thus giving fans an incredible opportunity to enjoy the mystery-drama.

As per the rumours hovering, The Affair Season 4 may have a tough time ahead for Alison and Cole with their personal relationships and individual lives as we may witness a big leap forward in time in the forthcoming episodes. Noah will finally finish his much sought after novel/ book along with ‘ruining’ more girls’ lives by getting intimate. A murder mystery will be solved from the previous season followed by Whitney’s wedding with Mr Furkat.

The wedding will be witness to a huge fight between Noah and Cole and Helen might suffer a mental breakdown despite deserving the best all the time. She encounters Dr Vic with his new girlfriend during a sale of an apartment and there are questions about whether the two will reunite. In the midst of all this, Helen might befriend Alison and the two might make something good out of it.

With all the anticipation building up, The Affair Season 4 may form the crust of Cole and Alison’s life and whether they will continue to be together or not. To know more, stay tuned to our website for latest updates on the respective series.

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