The Accountant (2016) Deadline Takes A Brief Interview of The Composer Mark Isham

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The Accountant (2016)

The Accountant by the director Gavin O’Connor is a story of an autistic math savant. Here the protagonist, who, by using the unassuming small town CPA earns a living as a forensic accountant for some of the most dangerous criminal around the world. Not only this but also the protagonist is showed as brutally efficient trained killer whose skill is matched with numbers at dispatching enemies. Recently, the movie is earning $25 million and winning this weekend. If this particular motion picture is compared with its genre then ‘The Accountant’ is fascinating not only in providing thrilling violence but also portraying a sincere and complicated look of a character.

The Accountant (2016) is Mark Isham’s fourth collaboration with O’Connor including the other three named as Miracle in 2004, Pride and Glory in 2008 and Warrior in the year 2011. And when Deadline happened to take an interview of Isham, the following is what he spoke about his relationship with O’Connor and how the character of the protagonist informed his score along with the math behind his music and more. In the opening of the interview, Deadline prominently rises a question about Isham’s score which “understated at times and other times incredibly unnerving”. In return, Isham brilliantly complimented the character in the film which was really unique. And as there was a great deal of score in Mathematics, great deal of score lied in music as well.

And when the reporter of Deadline asked about the incorporation of maths into music then this brilliant composer says something which is far beyond expected. “There’s a great deal of pure math in rhythm,” as said by Isham has proved to be an aesthetic effect as as we all know, “the aesthetic choice is always the final choice.” The amazing composer also said that a composer should “read into your roots as composer of pure, heart-driven emotion, find whatever those things are.” And for the score of ‘The Accountant’ (2016), the composer used orchestra, choir, solo cello along with percussion. And when asked about Gavin and him collaborating four times together and whether their friendship had developed in these four years , Isham said that they have maintained their friendship  and he considers Gavin a “good friend“. At the end of the interview, Isham mentions that he often watched movies without music and something strikes his head, “ok what would happen if?” With that, Deadline ends the interview. For more updates stay tuned.

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