The 4 Reasons for Going to Church That Would Make You Get to It

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4 Reasons for Going to Church: With the busy lives that people live, many people consider Sunday a day of relaxing and sleeping in more than a day of going to church. However, if you are a Christian, the church is something you should consider putting into your schedule.

You could find a good church Sherman TX to go to every Sunday. It is the place where you gather to practice what you believe and share together in your faith. The church is not a waste of your time. It can be very beneficial to you in many ways:

  1. Spiritual nourishment

Going to church is an opportunity to hear somebody else expound on the word. Depending on what they teach, it is a great way to learn more and become wiser in the ways of God. After all, it is what Jesus did in the new testament. If Christianity is based on teachings of Christ, shouldn’t you also follow suit? An article by the says that if you take your fellowship with Christ seriously, you should go to church regularly.

  1. Opportunity to give

In church, there is usually a session forgiving of an offering. This is the time for you to give freely. It is also a time for you to give a tithe. This is in accordance with the Bible which highly commends giving more than receiving. It also supports giving of tithe that is the first fruit back to God.


The offering you give in most churches is used for ministries and even maintenance and upkeep of the church. Some of it goes towards helping the less fortunate such as the orphans and widows. Despite some churches having become commercialized in recent years, not giving is simply an act of selfishness. If you make a commitment to a church, you should follow through unless you can prove foul play.

  1. Serving

A church is made up of a community of people from different backgrounds who come together to celebrate and profess one faith. As expected, it is made up of several ministries. For all those ministries to be successful, they need people running them and being a part of them. This is where serving comes in.

Jesus Christ offered a perfect example as He himself offered the service of washing His disciples’ feet. For that reason, it only makes sense that you find your niche and serve. Serving will definitely make you feel good about giving back.

  1. Support system

When you go to church regularly, chances of becoming familiar with the people you fellowship with are very high. These people form a second family to you. Like family, they will always be there for you, through thick and thin. You earn yourself people who will always have your back. If you are going through a hard time, they will be your support system and pray for you. When you are happy, they will celebrate with you. Having such a support system is very important and beneficial.

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