The 100 Season 4: Clarke’s New Love Interest, Luna & Roan Ally or Enemy?

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The 100 Season 4

The last season of The 100 left us hanging on a number of questions – the biggest of which being humanity’s survival on Planet Earth. Besides the threat to wipe outhuman race, The 100 season 4 will also be shedding some light on Clarke’s future love interest and her relationship with people around her.

New love interest, new characters and new haircut coming up in The 100 season 4.

When season 3 ended, Clarke had saved her friends from becoming slaves to an AI. But it was a ‘from the pan into the fire’ situation because just before pulling the kill switch, Alie – the AI – tells Clarke that nuclear reactors are melting and soon the planet will become inhabitable. With 96% of Earth’s natural resources destroyed due to radiation, Clarke and her gang will have to face harsh condition, with scarcity of food, clean water, black rain among a bunch of other adversarial circumstances. The questions is– how many lives will be lost by the time season 4 ends? Will The 100 squad come together in moments of dire need? And will strong personalities like Luna and Roan (yes, he survived) join hands with Clarke and the Sky people in a bid for survival?

The CW rolled out a trailer for season 4 a couple of weeks back. With only a few weeks left for the season to premiere, there is a new poster where Clarke and her friends are seen looking over to the horizon where the world is coming to an end.

The 100 Season 4 Key Art
The 100 Season 4 Key Art

Here’s the official The 100 season 4 trailer. Check oit out, if you haven’t already.


What’ll happen in The 100 Season 4?

Weeks ago, showrunner Jason Rothenbergand Eliza Taylor had shed some light on what we are likely to see in season 4:

“The Earth strikes back in season 4. It’s an unbeatable foe. [The story]becomes not trying to stop it, because it’s not stoppable, it becomes how do we survive? There are not enough life boats. The Earth is the ark. Some people are just done fighting and just want to party until the end of the world.” –Jason Rothenberg

“It’s going to be really interesting to watch a group of people, humans, trying to survive again in a world that — this is an enemy that we can’t defeat,” Taylor said. “How do we move forward? In true Clarke fashion, that will be her trying to get everyone on board. There will be some very different reactions.”

The 100 is a show about survival and as usual, the gang will be pushed beyond their limits. But it’ll be interesting to see if the show comes up with a refreshing approaching to their story-telling with season 4.

Clarke’s New Love Interest?

After Lexa’s death in season 3, for several fans it’s hard to imagine Clarke with someone else. Although some fans have voiced concern that it won’t be appropriate for Clarke to have a new love interest so soon, showrunner Jason Rothenberg says despite nursing a broken heart, Clarke will move on, because that is something Lexa would’ve wanted.

“And I can say, as the voice of Lexa – the person who created that character – that Lexa would want her to. Lexa would want Clarke to be happy again. As I think we all would want the people who we love to be able to – not forget us – but to move on and find happiness,”Rothenberg told Hypable.

Of course, he didn’t confirm anything and left us to figure things out when The 100 season 4 premieres.

Roan and Luna: Ally or Enemy?

We already confirmed that Roan and Luna is returning for this season. Seems like Roan had survived and could still be heading the Ice Nation. While shooting for the upcoming seasonNadia Hilker (Luna) revealed that her character gets to be more ass-kicking and “things are getting bloody” this season. So fans can hope for a blast whenever she appears on thescreen. Both being powerful leaders and having control over the people they rule, they could help Clarke and her squad to survive in what seem like the second apocalypse in The 100 universe. But ever since they landed on Earth, the Sky people’s partnership with other clans have ended in a disaster. So fans will simply have to wait and see if Roan and Luna help the Sky people survive Apocalypse 2.0.

Besides the regular bunch of characters, The 100 season 4 will see new one’s coming on board and perhaps for new clans that are going to appear this season.

The 100 season 4 premieres on February 1, 2017, with 13 episodes.

Do you think it’s too soon for Clarke to have a new love interest? Should she be given more time to nurse her broken heart and reconnect with her family and friends, before jumping to a new relationship? Tell us what you think.

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