Tesla Model 3: Key Specs and Features- Better Than Model X and Model S?

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3: Produced by Tesla Motors, Tesla Model 3 is a four-door compact luxury sedan. Tesla is a California-based electric car company that previously produced Model S. Tesla Model 3 is one of the most anticipated electric vehicle (EV). With brilliant specifications and features, Tesla Model 3 not only hardens the fact that this model Tesla Model 3 will have a wide price range but also highlights its potential. In this article, we shall discuss the engine, exterior and interior of Tesla Model 3 along with its price and competition.

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Tesla Model 3 Engine

Some of the key features of Tesla Model 3 Engine are mentioned below which combines real-world range along with safety and spaciousness. Have a look.

  • Model 3 have the capacity to pick up to least 215 miles which are perfect for long trips.
  • The Model 3 is efficient in featuring Tesla’s third-generation battery technology.
  • Slightly larger cells—20 mm x 70 mm smaller motor
  • Flexible battery placement.


Tesla Model 3 Exterior

  • A typical hatchback
  • A sedan like look.
  • The bottom of the car has aerodynamic panelling which increases the aerodynamics.
  • The alloy wheels are of diameters 15.0.” – 17.0.”
  • A width (mm) of 195 – 215.

Tesla Model 3 Interior

Tesla Model 3 focuses more on the interior which was bare-bones last summer when the vehicle was announced. Some of the interiors of Tesla Model 3 are mentioned below:

  • Tesla Model 3 is smaller but has a flexible interior space.
  • The Tesla Model 3 will be featuring a Camper Mode that allows users to fold down their seats to open up 66 inches of room.
  • The affordable EV will be silent giving benefits from Tesla’s Third Gen Battery Technology.
  • The Tesla Model 3 has massive glass front windshield of the sun visor category
  • The steering wheel has the autopilot functions that is not present in Nissan Leaf.

Tesla Model 3 Price and Competition

Tesla Model 3 will likely to be as handsome as its siblings, i.e. Model X and Model S. This most anticipated EV will be available from 2017 with a price of approximately Rs 23 Lakhs. However, Tesla Model 3 will surpass and give a crucial competition to the versions of sedans like Mercedes C-class AMG and BMW M3. Stay glued with us for more updates.

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