Tell Tale Signs That You Should Pursue a B. Des Degree

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Like all other artists and creative minds, designers also have a whole new perspective of the world. They notice finer details, have a knack for creativity, aesthetics and are always open to learning new things. With the world gone digital, designers have become the stonemasons of any online presence. It’s their creativity that makes a website stand out and gives it business. The good news is that there will be a 13% increased demand for graphic designers by the year 2020. This means that pursuing a B design course is going be to be highly rewarding in the coming years.

So, if you want your creativity to shine, get paid for it and you have a constant urge to challenge your imagination, enrolling in a b design course is the right option for you. Listed are the signs that make you perfect to pursue a B design course.

You Strive for Perfection

Let’s start this by saying that you are not only a perfectionist but slightly on the higher side of the OCD scale. Whether you are opening a gift or packing one, you want everything to happen with perfection. Even the slightest imperfections start making you feel uncomfortable, and your mind is in constant hustle till the time you don’t fix it. If you can relate with all that is written above, it’s time to think beyond a traditional graduation degree.

B design course

You Know the Difference Between Baby Pink and Carnation Pink

When it comes to recognising different shades of colours, no one in your family and friends can beat you. Apart from that, you have all the information about the latest colour trends, you follow colour coordination religiously and have the names of all the shades on your fingertips. With so much knowledge about colours, you can easily give anyone a breakdown. Go, fill that B design course form already.

You Always Have a Sketchbook in Your Bag

Ideas can come anytime, and you know that very well. As a rescue, you always carry a sketchbook in your bag so that no idea slips off from your mind. You are continually doodling and making notes while on the go, and every billboard and sticky ads intrigue you to analyse it more in-depth. These signs are a clear indicator that you are made to have a career in design, and you must start looking for colleges and universities that offer a course in B. Design. Universities like UPES have a well-rounded B design course that not just offers theoretical knowledge but also helps the students in gaining practical insights. Through projects and other submissions, students are always on their toes to challenge the creative side of their brain.

You Should Pursue a B. Des Degree

You Excel in Communication

You are great at painting picture through your words, and merely through words, you can make the other person imagine a situation or a thing. This is one of the most vital signs that indicate you are a great fit for a design degree. As a graphic designer, you will need to communicate constantly with your clients about new projects and changes in the existing one. These will be the times when your excellent communication skills will come handy.

You Are a Detail-Oriented Individual

The design is going to be a gratifying career for you if you have a detail-oriented approach for everything that you do. This is because when it comes to design every millimetre and the pixel of the finished piece matters. So, if you love keeping everything in sync with design and that of the client’s requirement, you are fit to be a designer.

Final Words!

If you nodded a yes in all the signs mentioned above, do not delay further and join a design school today to polish your skills.

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