Teen Wolf Season 6 Air Date, News and Updates: Tyler Posey set to direct an Episode

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Teen Wolf Season 6

Teen Wolf Season 6: For fans of Teen Wolf, the show’s upcoming season will be a bittersweet one. To their excitement, there are only a few days left before the American horror drama series goes on air once again. But Teen Wolf Season 6 will also be the final time when fans will get to see their favourite young wolves on screen.

Teen Wolf Season 6
The cast of Teen Wolf Season 6. Image Courtesy: Parent Herald.

Being the final season, Teen Wolf Season 6 will be the culmination to all of the existing characters’ story arcs. Needless to say, the upcoming season will be high on both thrills and action, topped off with a tinge of sadness. However, there still is a lot to look forward to in Teen Wolf Season 6. The new season will kick off with a line-up of 20 new episodes to be aired before it ends, giving the creators ample time to neatly wrap up the series.

But there’s more. A recent report states that Tyler Posey, who plays the show’s central protagonist, will lend his directorial skills to Teen Wolf Season 6. This will be in no way Posey’s first time trying his hands at directing. The Scott McCall actor has earlier directed a short zombie film titled Welcome to the Zombie, which can be watched on YouTube.

The revelation about the actor directing an episode in Teen Wolf Season 6 occurred at an Entertainment Weekly Event that took place on October 30. The star cast of Teen Wolf Season 6 was present at said event, and its was there that Posey’s co-actor, Khylin Rhambo, told those in attendance: “Tyler Posey is directing an episode. You guys are gonna love it.” Posey later said that while he certainly loves acting, he takes a keen interest in direction too.

Updates: Although the Teen Wolf Season 6 premiere is still few hours to go, it has been rumoured that the fan-favorite Dylan O’Brien may not be a part of the upcoming season anymore. Recently a photo featuring the cast of the MTV show has been leaked over the internet and fans quickly spotted that O’Brien is missing from it. So the rumour mill has started churning out over the actor’s presence in the Teen Wolf Season 6.

To brush up your memories,O’Brien met an accident while filming for the movie “Maze Runner” earlier this year and he had to undergo a full recovery for months. Since his accident, he is avoiding the media and as the Teen Wolf Season 6 premiere date is coming close, reports suggest that O’Brien may not be part of the Teen Wolf Season 6  anymore as the actor still needs time to recover fully.

Teen Wolf Season 6: What to Expect

As for what we can expect from the upcoming season, the cast has confirmed that Teen Wolf Season 6 will be a darker season than what we have seen so far. The characters will now come face to face with the new enemies called Ghost Riders, who apparently don’t just take people, but erase them from history. The trailer shows that Stiles is going to be on the list, and he makes Lydia promise not to forget him- a side effect of being taken by the Ghost Riders. We even see Stiles’s father forget him, but Lydia tries to hold on to the threads of his memory.

Teen Wolf Season 6 is scheduled to begin airing on November 15. Watch the trailer below.

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