Technology and Kids

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In this 21st century, a baby’s first inclination is towards mobile phones, tabs, Tv, etc. He doesn’t know who is his mother or father but he certainly knows which button is to be pressed on mobile phones for cartoons, rhymes, etc. Such is an impact of technology or digitalization on growing kids. Changing times! Right?

Don’t you think we as parents are solely responsible for this? We are the ones who introduced this digital world to them. Obviously, technology was once alien to them. Just because we are so busy in making our career graph so strong, we made them tap into mobile phones, tabs, etc. Now they are so used to that we can’t even afford to take all these things from them. They have made these things their part of life just as their best friends.

A coin has two facets similarly this rapidly growing technology has pros and cons attached to it for the kids. Well, technology is not so bad if it is used in a proper manner. There is a famous saying “Excess of everything is bad”.

Let’s first dwell on the advantages part of Technology.

Technology and Kids

  • Technology helps in the development of your kid’s brain. There are so many activities which you can find on google where they can boost their mental and cognitive abilities.
  • In this era of throat cutting competition, your kid needs to be extra smart and should have knowledge of all subjects and matters. This is only possible through the Internet which is again a baby of technology. After all, who wants that their kid is just a couch potato?
  • You might have heard about Tanmay Bakshi, the 13-year-old chap of Indian origin who was recently hired by Google. He is the youngest programmer and has his own youtube channel where he teaches Science, maths, algorithms, computing, and technology. The best by far example of the by-product of technology is in front of yours.
  • Technology that is the Internet helps our kids to finish their assignments, In fact, the teachers who teach our little munchkin relies on them.
  • Technology helps them to interact with their friends and to make new friends. Everyone needs the companion to share their feelings and speak their heart out. Our kids need too.
  • If technology really interests them, then get ready to be the smartest kid’s parent on this planet.

These were the few advantages of technology is being used by our kids cautiously.

Now, let’s have a look at disadvantages of Technology.

  • Well, don’t you think their childhood is lost in a technology world? They should be rather busy playing in streets with their friends. But see they are all engrossed in TV, mobile phones, tabs, laptops. Remember your time when you used to play all evening with your friends. We have taken away their innocence and childhood. Feeling pity for them?
  • Cyber-crime is increasing day by day. Can you take this news that a 15-year-old boy hacked local bank ATM? Remember parents’ addiction to anything always leads to destruction. You have made them culprit.
  • Just because your kids use excessive technology, you will notice many absurd changes in their behavior. They will become more cranky and stubborn. They will not listen to what you are saying.
  • Excessive use of mobile phones, laptops that is more of screen time, can also lead to several mental disorders. Forget about your kid’s eyes. When you will walk down your street, do count how many kids are wearing specs these days. Don’t go into shock when you will a 4-year-old kid wearing big-big specs even bigger than his face!

Well, Parents, it’s your call now. You want to make your kid Tanmay Bakshi or a god-damn hacker. If technology is used wisely and in the preview of parents, it will only be advantageous to your kid. Technology and kids can be opposites also and can also go hand in hand.

Below are few tips in which you can save your kid from technology’s disadvantages:

Spend quality time with your kids

Make your kids understand technology’s cons. Spend time with them. Remember parents, our kids need our presence, not presents. Speak and listen to them.

Stop using mobile phones, laptops, tabs just to soothe them

Just because your kid is getting cranky, we have allowed them to use these gadgets. Stop doing this for god sake.

Stop your own dependability on the gadgets

We are the ones who will set an example for our kids. We are the ones who can lay the strong foundation for them. So, stop using gadgets 24*7

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