Team Indus Approaches Aspiring Enthusiasts For Competition in Google Lunar XPRIZE

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Team Indus

Team Indus, a Bengaluru-based space technology start-up, has come with a fantastic idea of approaching thousands of aspiring enthusiasts for Space can apply in the competition headed by Google Lunar XPRIZE. The competition is a mission to the Moon but in a distinctive way.

The Bengaluru-based company tends to seek those geniuses globally who could create spacecraft through experiment and fly on board within a year. Any space enthusiast aged from 14 to 25 years have to put up a novel idea, get it into shape thus building a unique project that would eventually help in actuating humans similar to sustainable multi-planetary species.


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Those who are interested in such project may register themselves opening from June 28, 2016, and be closing on August 20, 2016. Here one needs to set a protocol for the project. Maximum three members in a team, they ought to write at least 300 words about their Project, along with appropriate patterns and drawings. The respective team also needs to upload a two-minute video convincing at its best. The video should consist of all the answers regarding why it should be sent to the Moon.

Google Lunar XPRIZE was created in 2007 will provide incentives to young aspirants acknowledged as space entrepreneurs who would convincingly sort out an affordable access to the Moon as well as space building entirely a new era. They will be giving a huge prize money amounting $30 million which is approximately 200 crores INR. The prize money mightbe granted on one condition, and that is if the team’s drone or rover land successfully on Moon, travels 500 meters henceforth transmitting back high definition images and videos of Space then and there.

Team Indus from India would help such aspirants to live their dream by registering themselves in the project. The only Indian team to participate in Lunar XPRIZE, it has already won milestone prize worth Rs. 6.7 crores for attaining innovative landing technology for Google. The rover created through private funds surely needs such backbone to sort out monetary issues for space enthusiasts participating from India.

Young aspirants willing to register themselves in Team Indus-Axiom Research Lab Pvt. Ltd. tend to make an announcement regarding their project by the end of 2016 thus completing the mission by the end of 2017.

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