Tata-Trusts & Google-India Merge With Mobikwik To Expand Digital Literacy in India

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Ahead of demonetization probe so as to curb black money, several enterprises have joins hand and come forward to push the motto of Digital India hence making the entire nation choose cashless society leading to a cashless economy. In the recent terms, Tata-Trusts have joined hands with Mobikwik along with Google-India so as to expand digital literacy rate in the nation. Being one of poorest nation’s in the sector of digitalisation across the globe, the move would boost in promoting transparent transactions and trade between the sellers and the buyers, nationwide.

Village communities are getting the support of Mobikwik for digital payments which has now join hands with Tata Trusts and Google India.

The respective announcement of the merger was made on Wednesday with a sole motto to push the enabling of cashless transactions in every niche. Titled as ‘Internet Sathi’, the following initiative by Tata Group of Trusts and Google India, aims to transform the lives of over 200 million people leading their livelihood as digital illiterate nationwide. In fact, the pilot plan has already been rolled out in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh from today itself.

It will further enhance the programme with the main objective to reduce gender barrier, bring equality, etc through the access of internet and its benefits. ‘Internet Sathis’ has been set up to help lakhs of villages, communities, small towns, slow-paced cities, and so on with a sole motive to bring digitalisation in the economy of the country. It will help enabling the smaller communities and villages get acquainted with the smart devices along with the potential of sourcing in information from the used devices thus making the payments through mobile wallets.

Mobikwik being a part of the initiative will help billion of people, dwelling especially from village communities to participate actively in Digital India initiative and make payments or receive payments through mobile phones. Despite carrying quite many loopholes, the following merger between Tata Trusts and Google India with Mobikwik will first have to provide internet access at those places where people remain illiterate in the literal sense. As for now, the Centre is trying best to provide proper electricity in niche areas so as to support the initiative, in every manner.

As of now, the programme Internet Sathi is now active in 10 States thus reaching out to near about 26,000 villages. Also, as many as, 12,00,000 women have been benefitted with from the respective program subsequently getting trained on digital as well as internet literacy.

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