Taryn Toomey Shares Her Tips For Getting Healthy In 2018

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Taryn Toomey

Celebrity fitness trainer Taryn Toomey, who is the fitness guru to Jennifer Aniston,Naomi Watts and Christy Turlington, and founder of the fitness craze known as ‘The Class’ says that she does not buy into the hype ofnew beginnings and resolutions that come along with the onset of the new year.“I really believe that if it can’t be a way of life, don’t fool yourself in believing it will last,” says Taryn Toomey. She believes thatwould-be wellness disciples who mean well should take a good look at themselves.“Stop procrastinating your own healing,” Toomey says. “I use reflection for the year that has past. I take spiritual inventory and commit to using what I have reflected on and learned to apply to the next year — it’s essentially a marker in time for me to check in.”


Taryn Toomey recommends making a plan to break down any pattern that is unhealthy for you, be it a food, movement, or relationship habit.“I personally love a plan, especially when it comes to eating. Schedule your week ahead; write it out and include a time slot for daily meditation practice. Work with a nutritionist to help organize it so you are satiated. Write what you will eat for breakfast, what you will do when you feel a craving, what your movement practice will be, what days you will take a bath at night,” says Toomey. “Get specific.”

Taryn Toomey

The wellness-minded attitude continues on Jan. 1. Those who wallow in their hangovers and eat grease are really just prolonging the misery, says Toomey. Instead, she advises drinking a massive glass of warm water with lemon upon waking, taking milk thistle and dandelion, meditating, and breathing. Also, hydrotherapy works wonders after a late night.

“Alternate very hot with very cold showers back and forth five times to kick-start your lymphatic system and its ability to detox.” Her number one recommendation to set the tone for the rest of 2018: Take Natalie Kuhn’s special 90-minute New Year’s Day Class (10 a.m. at MNR in Brentwood), which she says is “more about using movement, sound and music to unlock the ability to step back and witness the mind. This needs to happen before you can break bad patterns.”

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