Taboo Season 2 on Cards, Confirms Co-creator Steven Knight

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Taboo Season 2

The hit British television series starring Hollywood actor Tom Hardy has been renewed for a second season run. Dark and numbing, Taboo premiered early this yearand centered around an adventurers return to London after years of missing.Based on a story written by Tom Hardy himself, Taboo is a result of a collaboration between Steven Knight ( the man behind BBC’s Peaky Blinders), Tom Hardy and his father, Edward “Chips” Hardy.

Speaking to the A.V. Club at the TelevisionCritics Press Tour, Knight confirmeda second season for the show, Telegraph reports. Earlier this month he had elaborated his vision for the following seasons to Deadline.

“We have plans — well, certainly I have plans — if we get given the green light for more,” he said. “The plan is that there would be three seasons, and, as with Peaky Blinders, I have had a destination in mind from the beginning, because I think it helps as a writer. The destination in mind is that James Keziah Delaney sets foot on Nootka Sound. But that’s a long way off.”

At the TCA panel, both Hardy and Knight gave inside scoop on how the was made. The 39-years-old actor along with his father imaginedJames Keziah Delaney an amalgamation of two literary characters and a killer, Marlow from Heart of Darkness, Sikes from Oliver Twist, and Jack the Ripper.

Hardy also revealed, at the time he pitched the idea for the show to Knight, he was busy but eventually “the three of us set about trying to create a new piece of work.”

Interestingly, Knight interprets the story as much about America as it is about London.To a gathered crowd of journalists, the showrunner said:

“This is, amongst other things, the story of America. Their natural destination at this time is America. These are how Americans came about, and that’s another thing that this series will come to explore.”

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