Syrian Army and Jihadist Battle in Aleppo

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Syrian Army and Jihadist Battle in Aleppo

In a gruesome battle between Syrian Army and Jihadis from Al-Qaeda, more than 70 people have been killed which include 40 rebel fighters and 33 government soldiers. The bombardment took place in the village of Khan Tuman near Aleppo. Multiple missile strike claimed of so many gaining victory over Syrian Army by fighters of Al-Qaeda, as per footage emerged in Drone.

The footage shows Syrian Presidents’ army fighting against a troop named as Jaish al-Fatah, freedom fighters belonging to Al-Nusrat Front, coherently a part of Al-Qaeda. As per drone link, the battle took over in a village located six miles South West of Aleppo. The complete information was confirmed by Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

Aleppo being a prime location is completely terrorized with missile launchers and rockets making the whole place terrific and under shock. Both the opposing forces are heading out to make the place under grim. After the recapture of the footage, the villages and areas surrounding South of the country defines a regime lines consecutively pushing it back.

According to SOHR Head, Rami Abdel Rahman, It comes as the US and Russia brokered an agreement to extend a ceasefire to Aleppo where an estimated 300 people have been killed in just two weeks due to aerial bombardment.

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Also, one of the fighters from Ajnad al-Sham revealed that throughout night the battle was very intense. Areas South of Khan Tuman have been liberated. Earlier in May 5 almost 28 got killed in an missile air strike on a Syrian Refugee Camp. People belonging to camps reported that most of them were women and children residing in. The bombing affected Sarmada Camp situated in northern Idlib province, which eventually displaced it entirely.

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Worse to the reports say as more will get killed and get affected by bombardment as many are severely injured due to attacks. Even the video footage shows that women and children are covered with blood, as bloodshed is everywhere along with dead refugees, Jihadists and  Syrian army personnels rescued by camp men in nearby tents. Those who are left are led in pick up trucks so as the rescue procedures.

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