Swiss Voters Rejects Guaranteed Basic Income Plan

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Swiss Voters

Switzerland is counted among those few wealthy countries where average per capita income is high and has almost zero poverty line. World industries are leaning towards automation, and this can come up with huge unemployment in future. Swiss government knows the effects of this thing. That’s why Swiss government tried to know the assessment of the plan of “Guaranteed Basic Income” plan from its citizens. And Swiss people rejects this plan with a wide margin and man vs. machine war comes to an end in Switzerland for the decade coming.


What isGuaranteed Basic Income Plan

The supporters of this plan tried a lot to convince people of Switzerland. Under this plan, every adult (above 18) will get2,500 Swiss francs ($2,563) and every juvenile (under 18) will get625 francs regardless of their income and works though wealthy persons can give up this voluntarily. According to the introducers of this plan, it would promote human dignity.

After the poll, it is seen that around 75% voters voted against the plan of introducing guaranteed income plan. 15% voters welcomed the plan while 10% said that they are not sure whether it is good or bad!

A supporter of this plan which is a carpenter by profession said,

For me it would be a great opportunity to put my focus on my passion and not go to work just for a living

People who opposed this plan said that this would weaken the economy of the country and will not promote “creativity” and “talent” and talent drain may start.

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