Sushant upset with IIFA? MS Dhoni wins just one award

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MS Dhoni

Sushant Singh Rajput sent out a rather mysterious tweet which let everyone wondering what he meant. He tweeted about IIFA in a way that left everyone scratching their heads whether he was upset with the award show. The event took place at the Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and Sushant Singh Rajput was nominated for the Best Actor award for his M.S. Dhoni biopic. Before the award was announced, Sushant gave a sizzling performance alongside Kriti Sanon and was also seen promoting the event.

However, apparently not winning the award seems to have made the young actor angry. He took to Twitter to send out a ‘hahahaha’ tagging IIFA. Many believe that the tweet was sarcastic and Sushant was angry. His anger seems to be justified. Sushant promoted the event as well as he could, being involved in everything he could be in to keep the buzz about the big gala alive.

He attended all press conferences and yet did not win even a single award. Even the role he played, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, required immense preparation and Sushant not only had a rigorous workout schedule, he also learned the way M.S. Dhoni acts around people to bridge down the gap between the real life of Dhoni and the role played by Sushant. The movie was a big hit and Sushant received many praises for his mind-blowing performance.

The award for the Best Actor went to Shahid Kapoor for his role as Tommy Singh in Udta Punjab. The award for the Best Film went to Neerja, a category which the M.S. Dhoni biopic was nominated in. The biopic, however, did win an award for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role, with Anupam Kher bagging the trophy. The movie failed to win an award even in the musical categories, being nominated in two of them but not winning in a single one.

Here are some of the tweets:

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