Supreme Court Warns Electoral Candidates With Punishment On False Educational Degree

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Supreme Court

In a recent event of sessions held in Supreme Court of India, it has warned and briefed up Election Commission for choosing right candidate from the constituency. It further warned to punish those electoral candidates or legislative bodies who possesses false documents regarding educational degree or of similar sort.

The decision came on Tuesday as the candidate will be dismissed immediately if found guilty of sustaining fake declaration of educational documents in the nomination papers. The strict measures have been taken for the goodwill of the public as they have full liberty to know about the candidate as well as his/her educational qualification, especially when he’she is about to contest the polls.

Supreme Court

The session in the apex court was headed by Justice AR Dave and Justice L Nageswara Rao followed up by annulling Manipur-based Congress MLA Mairembam Prithviraj, who showed false degree certificates of pursuing Business Management degree from one of India’s leading institution. Supreme Court withheld his nomination procedures thus making a strict statement regarding Article 325 of Part XV-Election from the Indian Constitution.

Right to Vote is considered as one of the most basic commotion as being citizen of the nation thus each and every person possessing to sweep out false governing bodies from the system. The contestant tend to be under public scrutiny if applying for elections followed by having appropriate competent.

According to Supreme Court of India, It is clear from the law laid down by this court that every voter has a fundamental right to know about the educational qualification of a candidate. It is also clear from the provisions of the Representation of the People Act, Rules and form 26 that there is a duty cast on the candidates to give correct information about their educational qualifications.

Apart from educational qualification of the electoral candidate, the public should also be aware of all the details regarding his personal and professional aspects. The same should be submitted to Election Commission hence being crystal clear under public scrutiny.

The same was advised to Congress MLA as he pointed the mistake as a “clerical error” by his lawyer but in vain as the apex court made a firm decision of eliminating him from the electing polls. The court further stated that a similar kind of “mistake” was made during the 2008 elections thus repeating it in 2012 in the nomination papers, which definitely would affect the election procedures in the upcoming polls.

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