Supernatural Season 12 Premiere Date, Synopsis; Sam’s Fate looks rather Sketchy

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Supernatural Season 12

Supernatural, Season 12: Supernatural, the American horror television series that has been running on The CW since 2006, is slatedto go on air with its twelfth season in the first half of October. But with all the hoopla surrounding the show, fans wonder if Supernatural, Season 12 will at all premiere when it is supposed to.

To rewind a little, rumours have been floating around for quite a while now that the fate of the show remains uncertain despite its renewal for a fresh season. Whilenothing was ever clarified by the showrunners, it was widely speculated that Supernatural, Season 12 would differ hugely in terms of the story arc. This rumour of an altered synopsis was quick to give rise to more rumours which now said that the show might be delayed substantially. Fans were not happy, to say the least; after where the show ended in Season 11, they were eager to find out what would happen next. In addition, the showrunners’ silence did not help matters at all.

However,CW head Mark Pedowitz seems pretty confident that the show has a bright future ahead. Earlier this year, he had said that the show would keep running as long as the lead actorswere willing and it kept generating the numbers that it does. Back then Pedowitz had not confirmed if there would be a Season 12 for Supernatural, But he did hint that the fate of the hit television series looked promising.

So going by Pedowitz’s comments, Supernatural, Season 12 may not be the end of the series. But keeping our sights fixed on the near future, Season 12 is certainly happening, and a recent tweet from The CW Network confirms that it will air on the scheduled date. So now that we have that information, what can we expect to see in the next season?

Supernatural Season 12, Spoilers: Season 11 of the show brought back the Winchester Brothers’ long-deceased mother, Mary Winchester after she was resurrected by Amara. On the other hand, Sam was feared to be dead after he was confronted by a certain Lady Antonia Bevell who took a supposed shot at him. But it looks like Sam’s time is not up yet, though he’s certainly in for some trouble as the Lady had made it clear that he was due for punishment. The official teaser of the new season shows Samalive and kicking, though rendered immobile by all the ropes. Mary’s return will also figure in a big way in the upcoming season. But other than the Winchester family dynamics, Supernatural, Season 12 will also focus on an attempt to thwart Lucifer by Crowley and Castiel. Fans can only wait to uncover how this will pan out for them.

Supernatural, Season 12 will premiere on October 13, 2016, on The CW Network. Stay tuned for more updates.

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