Supernatural Season 12 Episode 9: Lucifer’s Bloodline May Be Extended

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Supernatural Season 12 Episode 9

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 9: After the midseason finale, Supernatural Season 12 Episode 8 aka ‘Lotus’, ended on a rather lacklustre note for Sam and Dean Winchester. But the recent promo for Supernatural Season 12 Episode 9 reveals a whole new turn, one that will leave long-time fans in dismay and a mild sense of disbelief. Dean and Sam are locked up in prison with Castiel and Mary trying to track them down as Lucifer’s insidious plans are laid bare. At the end of Episode 8, we had seen Lucifer conceiving a ‘Nephilim’ with White House Staffer Kelley while inhabiting President Rooney’s body. Episode 9 may witness the birth of Lucifer’s baby, born of human flesh and blood. The upcoming episode 9 of Supernatural Season 12 is christened ‘First Blood.’ The promo can be seen at the end of this article.

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 9 Promo, Synopsis and Spoilers

The promo of Supernatural Season 12 clearly depicts brothers Sam and Dean Winchester locked in prison and being held in separate cells. Apparently, it is a black site as the guards inform them they are in a place “no one knows exists.” Remember they are being held for the attempted murder of US President Rooney. Six weeks, two days and ten hours have passed since they were arrested and Castiel (Misha Collins) ropes in Mary (Samantha Smith), their mother, to try and locate them. When they reach the prison, however, they are apprehended, leaving their fates unknown. But they are not to be intimidated. Kelly, meanwhile, has fled, unaware that she carries Lucifer’s seed. Lucifer’s child may have strange and unknown powers that may test the Winchester brothers in a new way.  Fans had earlier reacted to the last episode, ‘LOTUS’ positively, as they saw a ‘livelier’ version of Lucifer.

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 9 Air Date and New Time Slot

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 9 airs January 26 in the United States on The CW. There has been a change in airing time. Instead of being on air at the regular 9 PM EST slot, Episode 9 will be broadcast at 8 PM, one hour earlier. Since the airing of its debut episode, Supernatural Season 12 has kept viewers captivated. Therefore the upcoming episode will likely keep up with the expectations of the viewers. We will keep covering this TV series as and when new details emerge.

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