Supernatural Season 12 Episode 10: Prepare To Meet Castiel’s Past

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Supernatural Season 12 Episode 10: The ongoing American television series Supernatural Season 12 is all set to air its 10th episode where the focus will be on Castiel’s past life thus revealing a not-so-angelicside of the Winchesters’ friend. Also, the episode titled as “Lily Sunder has some Regrets” will deal with Castiel’s past where he will go ahead and meet some old pals, now in heaven. The series will reveal many instances from Cas’s past as it will catch up forming an avenging sorceress.

The previous episode of Supernatural Season 12 showcased how the Winchesters were locked in separate cells of Rocky Mountain National Park for almost 2 months at a stretch. Being found dead by the guards, they revive and escape from imprisonment. At the same time, Castiel and Mary try their best to find them out, but even Crowley’s government could not do anything. However, after escaping from the cell and spending days in the forest, the Winchesters contact Castiel so as to gain confidence and run from government officials along with saving the President from possession rather than assassinating him.

Furthermore, Castiel will kill Billie hence choosing over Mary and saving the Winchesters as they continue to defeat the soldiers. The story in SupernaturalSeason 12 develops towards Mary having a lot of patience when dealing with Sam and Dean still being unaware of the fact that Mick is the person who got Arthur killed for ‘cleaning’ all pieces of evidence.

The American series Supernatural Season 12 Episode 10 will revolve around Lily who tries to hunt the Angels and seek revenge one by one. Moreover, ending up witnessinga horrible past of Castiel, as his family was killed by angels would throw some light on the different life of Cas. Lily uses some black magic powers to kill all the angels one by one. As being extremelypowerful, it would simply be impossible to stop Lily Sunder as time travels many years back when Castiel rescued Dean from hell along with a storyline involving his lost brothers and family. Watch the trailer for the upcoming episode below.

Supernatural season 12 episode 10, with all its new and twisted plots, will air on February 2, from 8:00 p.m. onwards on The CW. And thanks to the recent news of renewal, fans know that they can look forward to more of Dean and Sam’s paranormal adventures.

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