Superfoods: The hidden benefits

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Over the years, there have been many reports saying that superfoods are the key to a healthy lifestyle. While this may be up for debate, there are certainly many health benefits to these superfoods.

So the main question is, what are superfoods and how do they help with your health?

There are many myths and misconceptions around the term ‘superfood’, which has left experts sceptical.

What are superfoods?

While there is no official scientific term, superfoods are a group of natural foods that contain high levels of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. They can also be rich in antioxidants and phytochemical properties.

These properties can help prevent diseases, protect from cell damage and supercharge your diet.

According to the experts at House Call Doctor, the best way superfoods work is by including a combination of them in your diet. For instance, by eating oats for breakfast and adding berries, low fat yoghurt and other wholefoods can benefit your health in many different ways.

What you should know about superfoods and wholefoods

Superfoods and wholefoods go together well and can enrich your overall health Beautiful and wellbeing. They can be eaten in their natural form with hardly any processing.

  • Açai: One of the more commonly known superfoods, acai berries can help with weight loss and also anti-aging. This small berry contains high levels of antioxidants which can help combat heart disease and cancer. Fresh açai berries are hard to find, so they are often sold in tablets or frozen, or in juices or powders.
  • Blueberries: These little berries help with memory, cognition, lowering oxidative stress and inflammation. There are studies that suggest blueberries reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Goji Berries: Appearing more commonly on our supermarket shelves, goji berries contain a large amount of vitamin C. These types of berries also help to treat poor circulation and visual ailments, while boosting the immune system.
  • Cacao or Cocoa Powder: Chocoholics rejoice! The main ingredient, cacao power is known to help increase blood flow and decrease blood pressure.
  • Chia seeds: These seeds are packed full of fibre, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids, which is perfect for those who don’t like eating fish.
  • Blue spirulina: Blue spirulina also known as Phycocyanin, is made from blue-green algae, which gives it its signature blue pigmented colour. It contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and carotenoids that can protect the body’s cells from damage.
  • Beetroot:This vegetable is commonly found in salads and sandwiches, but what many may not know is that beetroot is filled with folate, iron, calcium, antioxidants, manganese, potassium and dietary fibre. It is also known to boost stamina, reduce signs of aging and might help lower blood pressure.
  • Salmon: This delicious fish is rich in protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fats. Studies suggest that eating salmon twice a week could reduce triglyceride levels of men and women who are overweight. Salmon is also known to improve mood, decrease inflammation and reduce the risk of heart disease.

There are many super foods that when combined, could be the key to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Superfoods

    Superfoods: The hidden benefits

    Over the years, there have been many reports saying that superfoods are the key to a healt…

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