Sunny Leone the Bold Babe of Bollywood

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Sunny Leone

We all love sunny leone no matter what, every one is fond of her cuteness and desires her for the boldness she possess. She has astyle, that others don’t. Though her journey from the hottest adultstar to the cutest celeb is not a cake, how she carried herself is respectable. She showed the world what a woman can do. Let’s walk with her through her journey.

Karenjit Kaur Vohra, Karen Malhotra or Sunny Leone, Born on May 13, 1981, is now a celebrity Actress, Model, Writer, Anchor, and Host was once a Top model & most popular adult film stars on the planet. The fact is she is one of the most googled person in the world. A Canadian by Birth, she also became the American Citizen in 2006, and now she is resident of India, got Overseas Citizenship of India as her parents lived in India. Her eBook of Love stories published in April 2016 entitled Sweet Dreams was appreciated well by the readers. She is still not out with more than Half century of adult films in her kitty, also worked in some Hollywood films, she has acted and done Item numbers in more than 25 Indian films & music videos including top Bollywood masala films as well as regional cinema.

Her debut in Indian films was by 2012 Pooja Bhatt’s production Jism 2 which open the doors of Indian cinema to this bold and beautiful actress, though she was well accepted by India from her Big Boss days as everyone find her so cute and adorable, since then there was no looking back for her & she has dared to look in eye to eye & stepped out in the world where everyone peeped at her pics and videos from their smart phones & laptops, she was once a secret talk of all men and women, though she has a love hate relationship with people here, but now Sunny Leone has gained respect & celebrity status in Bollywood & other regional cinema

The cuteness and beauty of her face and hottest carved figure, she has managed to keep her place in the industry and in heart of people.

Though she has been surrounded with controversies time and again, but sunny leone has learned the art of emerging as winner all the times. From a Adultstar to a Bollywood star, sunny leone has shown the world, she is not just the desires of men, but she has the desire to rule the world. Sunny Leone we love you.

You can hate her, you can love her… but You can’t Ignore Sunny Leone.

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