Sunny Leone Shocking and Unknown Facts will make you crazy

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Sunny Leone

There’s more to her than her past and trust us, you’re going to want to know every last detail about it.

1. That her first job was at a German bakery

Before she graduated on to the fast paced adult film industry at the age of nineteen, Sunny was just another teen trying to scrape together some cash for pocket money at a German bakery, Jiffy Lube.

2. That her original choice of career was that of a paediatric nurse

With nurses like her, patients, or rather their parents, would have had a reason to smile indeed.

3. That her favourite Bollywood actor is Aamir Khan

And she still swears by his movie Dil which she first watched early in her childhood.

4. That moving to India is one of the scariest things she is ever done 

By her own admission, I was very hesitant and scared. I was scared of the idea of leaving it all and coming to India. When I came in entertainment, I got hate mails from Indian communities in the US. I didn’t want to go through all that again, but ironically what happened now is that the Indian community in the US told me they are happy for me.

5. That she has an unparalleled phobia of bugs and insects of all sorts

In case you’re looking to play the knight in shining armour around her, you now know what to do.

6. That her original Bollywood debut was supposed to be Kalyug

However due to her hefty price tag which ran to the tune of $1 million director Mohit Suri was forced to beat a hasty retreat.

7. That her favourite beverage is a chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc

With that, allow us to raise our glasses in toast to this lady who has firmly taken Bollywood by storm.

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