Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber adopt a girl child

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Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber adopt a girl child

Famous adult star turned Bollywood actress, Sunny Leone and her husband, Daniel Weber, have adopted a 21-month old girl from an orphanage in Latur in Maharashtra. The couple has named their new baby girl Nisha Kaur Weber.

They had applied for adoption about two years ago but had received no response. Sunny Leone reveals that the couple only got three weeks to finalize everything and jokes about how almost all other couples get nine months of preparation ahead of the baby’s arrival. She also says that she felt quite a range of feelings, from happy and excited to emotional, when they received a picture of the baby.

Daniel Weber says that he had been quite busy with all the paperwork that needed to be done but in the end when they got the call, it all seemed worth the trouble.

Daniel reveals that they visited an orphanage around two years ago and wanted to help out and that is when they applied for adoption. Sunny got quite emotional and said that it wasn’t the couple who chose the baby but the baby who chose the couple as its parents.

She also goes on to say that they don’t differentiate or discriminate between a biological child or an adopted child, and all that mattered for them was that they were starting a family together. Sunny says that it was hard for the couple to have a biological child given their tight schedules and that is why they thought of adopting a baby. She also reveals that the baby learned its first word of English, bye.

The couple plans to adjust their schedule around the baby now, all importance given to the baby. As Nisha’s arrival to the couple was quite sudden, they had already fixed Sunny’s schedule until the end of the year, for which she would have to go to London, but Daniel would stay behind and look after baby Nisha.

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