Sundaranga Jaana 10th/11th Day Box Office Collection: Twists and Laughter Overloaded

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Sundaranga Jaana Box Office Collection: With the immense popularity of Kannada films that meet up to the entertaining factor that the audienceslook for. Ramesh Aravind came up with the movie Sundaranga Jaana Box Office Collection; that gave us the perfect entertainmentalong with the guaranteedlaughter riot. Released on 23rd December, the movie Sundaranga Jaana received a positive response from the audiences and the critics for its perfect amalgamation of comedy along with eye-widening twists. Sundaranga Jaana box office collection bagged a good collection so far, due to its attracting storyline. The weekends did see a good occupancy rate, and with this, we enter the second week of the movie in the theatres. Let us have a look at the 10th and 11th-day box office collection of the movie Sundaranga Jaana and find out how this movie is making itself prominent at the box office and the hearts of the audiences.


Sundaranga Jaana 10th/11th Day Collection at the Domestic Box Office

With regards to Sundaranga Jaana box office collection, as the movie critics predicted there was a noticeable increase in the collection over the weekends. Due to the festive weekend effect on the collection, the occupancy rate also saw an increase. This perfect family entertainer gave us another sample of the classicKannada films that win the hearts of thousands. With an occupancy rate of 52%, the 10th-day box office collection of the movie Sundaranga Jaana settled at 38 lakhs. Sunday also saw the increase in the box office collection as well as the occupancy rate and the 11th day Sundaranga Jaana total collection stood at 27 lakhs. This makes it evident that the movie did well during the weekends.

Sundaranga Jaana 10th/11th Day Box Office Collection Verdict

Sundaranga Jaana is based on Telugu hit Bhale Bhale Magadivoy directed by Maruthi Dasari, and the well-known actor Ganesh turned out to be the main attraction of the movie, with his perfect representation of a man who is extremely forgetful and face sorts of ordeals that give out the rib-tickling comedy that the audiences are looking for. The main highlight of Sundaranga Jaana was the performance of the cast along with the cute romance between Shanvi Srivastava and Ganesh. The audiences loved the background music and songs of the movie especially the Fly Fly Fly song that got us swooningwith a smile. B Ajaneesh Loknath and Ee Santheludeserves a browniepoint for their composition.

In conclusion, Sundaranga Jaana box office collection over the weekends looked pretty good, and with this, we feel that the movie will havean increase in the collection as the days go by.

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