Suicide Squad 2: Will Jared Leto quit before the rumoured sequel?

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Suicide Squad 2

Suicide Squad 2 may very likely happen. Despite dismal ratings on behalf of film critics, Suicide Squad has proven to be a favourite among fans who can’t seem to get enough of Deadshot, Harley Quinn, El Diablo, and of course, The Joker. But rumour has it that Suicide Squad 2 may cast a new actor as everyone’s favourite psycho.

Jared Leto is not happy about how his Joker has been played out in Suicide Squad. The actor with commendable performance skills has been amply vocal about this fact, stating petulantly that you could make a whole film on The Joker with the kind of material that was left off the final cut of the movie.This may seem a little redundant, for Suicide Squad is still running, and all the surrounding dinhas done very little to affect ticket sales. But Leto is reputed for his method-acting style which he reportedly utilized in his portrayal of one of the most notorious villains in the Batman universe.

Even fans who loved the film couldn’t help but notice how little the character has been used in the film, even though viewers might argue that the character was supposed to have a supporting role. But if that really was the case, why would the studio have shot enough scenes with Leto for making a standalone film, as the actor has alleged? Speculations are rife that Leto may have been drawn into a franchise with an inflated idea of how his role was going to be presented. Even the few scenes where The Joker enters into the main storyline seems a little watered down, and certainly not for Leto’s lack of trying.

According to reports, Leto is supposed to be under contract to play The Joker with Warner Bros. for an upcoming DC film. Whether the flick will be the heavily-rumoured sequel to Suicide Squad or another title entirely is not yet known. One possibility could be the next Batman film, but there are other notable villains besides The Joker who haven’t received the limelight that they deserve in recent times. The makers could choose to focus on them as well.

In short, nothing is confirmed yet. But should Leto decide to call it quits with the franchise, several sources are already voting for some of the actors who they think would pull off a fantastic Joker,Christopher Walken andMatthew McConaughey being two of the favourites. As for now, let’s wait for an official announcement from Warner Bros.

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