Suicide Bomber Attacks Mass in Kabul, 60 Dead

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Suicide Bomber Attacks

Afghanistan witnessed another bloodshed of innocence in a mass gathering today in the evening. Reportedly a suicide bomber attacked thousands of people gathered to demonstrate; majorly by members of Hazara community in Kabul. People came together to speak against the recently built route of a planned multi-million dollar power transmission line. Till now about 60 are dead, and hundreds are injured, still counting.

Photographs have been posted on social media within minutes of the attack releasing pictures of blood and bones everywhere. Thousands of supporters gathered to protest against the construction when the incident took place. Although the accused have not been held yet, an extensive search is launched in every plausible way.

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As per the story developed, the mass were demanding the 500kV transmission line from Turkmenistan to Kabul be reconstructed and deviated via 2 Provinces which possesses large Hazara population.  The government stood totally against it as it would cost billion of currency thus delaying the much-needed project for more time. Moreover, the protests went on smoothly in few blocks until the blast shook the nation.

Apparently packed with shipping materials and stacks of containers and other hurdles security were tight during the mass gathering with continued helicopter patrolling and other security measures when the blast tore apart the city.


The Hazara community is considered as minors contributing 9% of the total population in the country. The Persian-speaking creed has always witnessed discrimination throughout the ages. Though politically sound, they serve in President Ashraf Ghani’s superbly stable national unity government. The attack has created a sensitivity among the community making the situation much severe than previous attacks done by Taliban.

Till now, Taliban had taken the responsibility of the attack similarly as it did last month when 40 law-enforcement officers were attacked in an Afghan police convoy. Lately, 270 have been injured with 60 people loosing their lives. Severely injured may raise the death toll if succumbed.

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