Stranger Things Season 2 Set To Primarily Focus on Will

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One of the most speculated Netflix series Stranger Things is now hovering with alot of anticipations regarding the second season which majorly depends on anew plot. Diverting its focus on single character i.e. Will rather thanrevolving around Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Mike Wheeler (Fin Wolfhard). Premiered on July 15, 2016, in Netflix Originals, Stranger Things garneredoodles of appreciation thus making the Summer a memorable one. Now, with Stranger Things Season 2 under production, Creators are trying to keep akeen focus on single character unlike the first one where the focus got divided among the pretty good amount of characters.

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Stranger Things Last Season

As per the speculations, there won’t be any older version of Eleven, who essayed the role of a young girl possessing psychokinetic abilities with alimited vocabulary. She befriends Mike who is intelligent as well as diligent and during the last chapters, Eleven sacrifices herself to thefaceless creature so as to defend her friends along with Will Buyers who successfully recovers from his ordeal in the Upside Down.

Stranger Things Season 2 Speculations/Revelations

As the creators, The Duffer Brothers of Stranger Things Season 2 states that the upcoming series might be alittle bit different and darker. Other than old characters who were seen in the series has been increased by few additions. The new characters named as Roman, Dr Owens, Bobby Newby, etc will play equal pivotal roles in the upcoming supernatural, horror, mystery. The new characters have been mentioned in a detailed manner below.

New Addition of Characters in 2nd Season of Stranger Things

  1. Roman essayed byDanish actress Linnea Berthelsen, she is an emotionally damaged magnetic young woman who suffered a great loss during childhood. Not hailing from Hawkins but still connected to the mysticalhappenings in the laboratory in Hawkins.
  2. Dr Ownesplayed by Paul Reiser, he is a high-ranking member of the Department of Energy who is on a ‘clean-up’ assignment most of it related to the events occurred last year. Emerging as anew villainin Hawkins especially during the potential absence of Dr Brenner.
  3. Bobby Newbyor Bobessayed by Sean Astin; he is a kind-hearted modern nerd who went to high-school with Joyce and Hopper and at present manages local Hawkins RadioShack.
  4. Murray Baumanplayed by Brett Gelman (comedian-actor), he is a disgraced journalist turned conspiracy theorist who will be investigating a cold case in Hawkins.
  5. Max essayed by Sadie Sink, who is a tough and confident girl but her appearance, pursuits and behaviourare more like of a boy. She has a strange past and is generally suspicious of the people around her.
  6. Billyessayed byDacre Montgomery; he is hyper-confident edgy older step brother of Max who is great at drinking games, stealing stranger’s girlfriends, etc. He also has a hidden unpredictable violent nature which gets covers due to his charisma.

Stranger Things Season 2 Plot Details

The first season was rendering upon 8 chapters in total, the upcoming season 2 will comprise of 9 chapters which will have a larger form. As previously the strange events/incidents took place within the time span of 6 to 7 days but this time it will develop gradually thus taking the storyline to anew level of horror and mystery. The next season will showcase the repercussions of everything happened in Season 1. Hypothetically, the plot details of Stranger Things Season 2 may rather be an exploration to the previous incidents eventually being a sequel rather than continuing to be anew story.

Thus, Stranger Things Season 2 premiering in early 2017 on Netflix Originalwill consist of 9 chapters with old characters playing central roles along with having relation with new characters and new problems having strange situations.

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