‘Stay in the Loop’ about mentions concerning you with Google’s new feature

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Stay in the Loop

People can now get ready to stay up to date about information floating around about them anywhere on the internet with Google‘s new Stay in the Loop feature. It will send them an email every time their name is mentioned on the internet, thus helping them “stay in the loop”. The feature had been announced by officials way back in June, but it has surfaced only just now. According to reports, the feature is active in India.


The Stay in the Loop feature will be a convenient addition for those who want to stay aware of everything that is being said about them on the internet. Google Alerts has been around for some time now, but while it was good for tracking certain kinds of activity, it wasn’t great for notifying people whenever posts about them surface.

Additionally, whenever we enter our names in the search bar, the results are mostly focused on our social accounts. With the new feature, Google integrates search results with the Alerts feature to make it easier for folks to stay updated about mentions of themselves.

All that users will need to do is to be signed in to their Google accounts, go to the Activity Controls Menu (it appears under the My Account- Manage Your Google Activity section), and ensure that Google has been granted permission to save their Web and App Activity. Following this, a widget for the function will appear on the first page of the search results. Clicking on the link will lead users to a Google Alerts form, from where users can set up an alert for every time their name is mentioned on the web.

Users will be able to select from a number of suggestions to get alerts on. They can also tweak the email frequency, source types, languages, regions, along with the kind of results they want as well as choose an email address to receive the alerts in.

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