Starter’s/Beginner’s Guide to B2B Inbound Marketing in Singapore

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Starter’s/Beginner’s Guide to B2B Inbound Marketing in Singapore: Inbound marketing is slowly reaching the peak across the globe. Singapore being the hub of promising ventures has also become one of the hubs of marketing. There is some digital marketing agencies which are providing their services in inbound marketing in Singapore as well.

However, we keep preaching endlessly about inbound marketing, but where do we start? Whether you are new to this marketing or already aware of it nuances, if your basics are not clear, it won’t be fruitful to you.

Here we have prepared a guide for Inbound Marketing which will provide helpful tips, techniques and guidance on everything required to use inbound marketing to drive leads for your business.

What is Inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing in a marketers language is the methodology wherein you earn a prospect’s attention through more meaningful ways. Instead of marketing by giving advertisements in magazines, you work towards being present for your customers whenever they search for you or want to avail your services.  Instead of spending your precious marketing dollars trying to get the attention of people who are not looking for you, you spend all of your marketing money getting in front of prospects who are looking for you right now.

In its purest form, inbound helps you get found, get leads and close more new business. It takes all the different marketing tactics which are email-marketing, content marketing and social media marketing and make them work together to get maximum results out of these. These marketing techniques then work as a useful marketing machine to drive leads for the business.  

The inbound methodology has four stages: Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight.

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You don’t want people to come to your website and bounce back. You want those very people to turn into leads and eventually happy customers. The best way to attract them is by providing relevant content.


Once you attract, the next step is to convert leads.  

You do this by opening up a conversation in whatever way works best for them – with messages, forms, or meetings. Once you’re in touch, you answer questions and provide relevant content that is interesting and valuable to each of your personas – and continues the conversation.


You’re on the right track. You’ve attracted the right visitors and converted the right leads, but now you need to transform those leads into customers. How can you most efficiently do this? Inbound acts as the sales tool which makes sure you close the deals at the right time and a faster pace.


Inbound marketing is all about providing a memorable experience to your customers. They have many expectations for your business strategies. So it becomes even more important to treat them in the best way possible. Engage with them, delight and make the customers successful. This will improve their buying behaviour as they will be buying more and will recommend you further to their friends and relatives.

Since it is a new concept and not many marketers are aware of this marketing technique, outsourcing your inbound marketing services to an inbound marketing agency in India is the best way to implement this technique. Foresighted marketers know that taking the inbound path is the key to success for all their marketing efforts.

Why Inbound Marketing works?

Over these years, the buyer behaviour has changed to a large extent, and the internet has empowered the customers with all the information online. They can always search for reviews and make sound purchase decisions. Therefore it is imperative to adjust your marketing and sales process accordingly.  

Relevant Content

If we talk about inbound marketing B2B, then content plays a major role. Consistent and compelling content is what will make your marketing strategy a blockbuster hit. The content can be in any form, be it a blog made up of keywords or a video having rich content. Currently, inbound marketing companies all over the globe provide infographics as an appealing way to engage their audience.

Compelling offers

Although great content helps the customer to engage with you, if you further want their data and establish contact with them, then give them downloadable offers.

The downloadable offers can be anything starting from an ebook to a white paper, or a tool or template that can help your business processes sail down smoothly or help you with your marketing tasks, like this Marketing ROI Template that will help you track, calculate, and chart your marketing performance.  

It’s imperative that the download does indeed deliver the benefit you say it does. This way, people who have given their contacts would see value in your work and trust you even before you reach out to them.

Unlike outbound marketing, inbound do not need to fight for the potential customers. If you are looking for good results from inbound in Singapore,  you can outsource it to an inbound marketing agency.  #ARM digital is one inbound marketing company providing their services in Singapore that can help you attain the right audience considering your brand. Log on to their website and register now.

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