Start-Up Aims to fix America’s doctor crisis the online way

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Start-Up Aims to fix America’s doctor crisis the online way: The world is in the post-modern era, and many advancements are going on everywhere. Different sectors of life are improving with the help of better and advanced technology. Transportation, communication, studies and almost all the areas of life have become more convenient and accessible.

Just like Uber improved transportation sector and Amazon enhanced the retail industry, similarly now telemedicine is introduced to make healthcare more convenient and affordable too.

With the help of telemedicine, people in rural areas or small towns can also avail the facility of advanced healthcare.

Telemedicine will not only help the healthcare sector to become affordable and convenient but also available for all. Recently surveys showed that America is going through a doctors’ shortage crisis due to which not everyone is getting to avail healthcare.

There are several reasons due to which there is a shortage of doctors in the region. However, a startup came forward willing to fix the crisis with the help of technology.

A startup based in the New York City, Nomad Health, has set its goal to help America get rid of its doctor crisis. The company was founded in 2015, and as the Co-Founder, Alexi Nazem, of Nomad Health said, “There is a huge shortage of doctors in the U.S., along with nurses and other health-care professionals.” The CEO’s idea is to reduce the shortage of doctors by creating an online platform for all types of doctors. One of the many reasons for the doctor crisis in America is the unavailability of space or position for the doctors.

To solve the problem of shortage of doctors, Nomad created a website where several doctors and healthcare workers were registered. The platform was launched in 2016, and by 2018 it has over 41,000 doctors and nurses, and the app is serving almost 2,000 hospitals.

With constant effort, Nomad’s idea is growing, and he is contributing to solving America’s doctor crisis. Now people can consult online doctors for their disease and health issues.

With the help of this healthcare platform, people can now avail healthcare service without having to suffer doctor crisis issue. The thousands of doctors from America and all over the world registered with the online Nomad Health online platform can now provide healthcare treatment to the patients. It will help America to reduce its doctor crisis the online way.

Due to the online facility, doctors do not have to pay high hospital administration charges and other bills to practice their profession and serve the nation. High hospital administration charges are one of the reasons why there is a doctor crisis going on in America. However, with the introduction and spreading of online medical services, the problem could be solved to some extent.

Primary reasons for the shortage of primary care doctors

There are several reasons which led to the doctor crisis in America. The online platform Nomad Health has taken care of fixing the issue to some extent, but it is essential for everyone to know the real causes of this severe problem. Following are some of the reasons for the shortage of doctors in America.

Better options for medical majors

Primary care is not the best option to choose as a career. It requires a lot of hard work and efforts to finally reach the stage of success whereas the other specialities in the field of medical need comparatively less work and time to flourish as a career.

Primary care also pays relatively lesser than other areas such as anaesthesia, radiology, dermatology etc. therefore, students opt for better options to save themselves from a load of paperwork and stressful routine.

Massive difference between medical seats and total population

There is quite a considerable difference between the number of seats allocated for specialization after graduation and America’s total population. The residency slots for specialization in internal and family medicine have not increased in over 20 years. On the other hand, the people of America has increased by approximately 50 million.

It is not any hard to calculate the difference between the two ratios. The problem lies right there. Many physicians are qualified enough to pursue primary care as their profession, but due to lack of residency slots, they are unable to specialise in their field.

Mentioned above are the two major issues to be resolved to reduce America’s doctor crisis. It is said that by 2020, the shortage of doctors will raise up to approximately 90000 doctors. The government should immediately take following steps to solve the crisis

  • Primary care medical students should be offered a better package to make the career more attractive. This is the only way by which students would start opting for this field of specialization. Due to meager pay, people do not select it as their career option and go for other departments.
  • Residency slots of primary care specialisation should be gradually increased so physicians can specialise in the family & internal medicine field and pursue it as a career.
  • Primary care sector has too much bureaucracy involved which has rotten the entire system. The government should take notice of it and gradually reduce the bureaucracy in the primary care to make it more consumers friendly.

America is going through a severe doctor crisis due to the problems mentioned previously. The authorities are not taking the responsibility of fixing the mess, and hence, a start-up made it its aim to fight through the crisis online way and provide healthcare available for all. Nomad Health is on its way to achieving a more reliable healthcare system in America.

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