Start Afresh in Ranked Matchmaking: Buy Level 2 CSGO Accounts

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One of the most competitive gaming series, a counter strike has remained as an important part of the multiplayer gaming community. CSGO, the latest iteration in the CS series introduced the ranked matchmaking system, in which different CSGO players were ranked according to their individual skill, talent and gameplay.

Adding to the already popular formula of LAN tournaments and matches, this made the game even more competitive, making everyday players compete for a good position on the rank ladder, attain and retain it too.

Until and unless someone decides to buy level 2 CSGO accounts they have to start afresh like everyone. They would have to play a series of ranked matches during what is known as the ‘calibration’ period.

After these matches, depending on their wins, performance and statistic, they are assigned a rank. They may be ranked at Gold Nova, at Master Guardian, at DMG or even Legendary Eagle if they are really good.

An important reason as to why many players choose to buy PVT2 CSGO accounts or level 2 accounts is because of how long it takes to finally reach the calibration phase after making a new account.

As a side effect of Valve’s anti-cheat measure, any player looking to start afresh and recalibrate, have to play for at least a month before they have enough experience and reach level 2 on their accounts.

What Are Some Important Reasons for CSGO Players to Buy PVT2 CSGO Accounts?

#1. There are lots of players in the CSGO gaming community who, at some point, start hating the rank they have been assigned or are currently stuck at. Many try their best to get out of this rut by improving their game, playing rank with better players, not going solo and playing in teams, learning the ins and outs of different CSGO maps and more. However, this method doesn’t always pay off and they start believing that it would be better to start over again and recalibrate.

#2. Starting from a fresh account is normal for new players to learn the game, gain experience playing deathmatches, unranked and other game modes. However, this path is a boring and tedious one for those who are already initiated, and just want to get a new, better rank.

So, for such players, choosing to buy level 2 CSGO accounts is one of the only options left. It is simpler, easier and saves a lot of their time and effort.

#3. By opting to buy PVT2 CSGO accounts, a CSGO player will be able to immediately jump into ranked matchmaking and calibration. Unlike new players, they won’t have to grind for the experience by playing countless hours of unranked matches and deathmatches.

Essentially, they will avoid close to two months’ worth of their time by skipping right ahead to calibration.

#4. Earlier, any player who was caught hacking and subsequently banned for it used to quickly re-buy the game and calibrate again.

This way, a hacker would quickly return to the ranked matchmaking pool and it was quite problematic.

With this method, there’s a buffer that exists now between ranked players and hackers because if banned, they would have to replay countless matches to come back.

This way, what acted as a practicing period for new players to find their roots and settle into this game, was also actually a space meant to separate hackers from rejoining the ranked matchmaking pool immediately.

Therefore, these are some reasons which make it quite important for players to buy PVT2 CSGO accounts. Being an experienced player, they would save a lot of time and have to work a lot less.

With today’s modern gaming websites, players could buy level 2 CSGO accounts almost immediately, after they have made the payment and sent in all their necessary details.

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