Yet another valuable production has been resuscitated with the involvement of Starbreeze Studios. After investing a cool $8 million to Double Fine Productions’ Psychonauts 2 last month, the Stockholm-based publisher-developer has now announced they will be the ones to back the much-awaited title System Shock 3.

system shock 3
System Shock 3

The sequel to 1999’s System Shock 2 has been in the pipelines for a long time. To be exact, the rumors surrounding System Shock 3 started doing the rounds way back in 2006 after EA, the previous game’s publisher, had their rights to the title renewed. But despite the creators acknowledging the prospects of a sequel, nothing was really confirmed until OtherSide Entertainment came forward in 2015 to state that they were going ahead to develop the new title.

After that piece of news, however, little has been shared with the public about the development of System Shock 3. Among the few things that are known, most notable is the fact that a number of series veterans (like Warren Spector) are coming back in critical capacities to work on the sequel. However, the announcement of Starbreeze’s association with the game that has been in development for a while strengthens faith in the upcoming entry.

Starbreeze has announced that they are investing $12 million in System Shock 3, and the money will be utilized in its entirety on the distribution front. As the current publishers, they will be responsible for making the game available on several platforms, including PC and other consoles. They have not mentioned any further specifics at this point, but developer OtherSide Entertainment will retain all the intellectual rights to the title. Starbreeze seeks to gain back 120 percent of its total investment in System Shock 3 after which they will split the revenue 50-50. To recall the case with Psychonauts 2, the company had announced that they would take 85 percent of the revenue until their investment had been recovered fully, which will thereafter drop to 60 percent while Double Fine retains full rights to the IP.

We still don’t know when System Shock 3 will be released. But as the title is only in its initial stages of development, fans may need to wait for some time before they can get their hands on the new game.

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