Star Wars Rebel Season 3 : Synopsis detail, speculations and trailer

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Star Wars Rebel Season 3

The American 3D CGI animated television series Star Wars Rebel is all set to come up with its third season. The Showrunner Dave Filoni in an interview with io9 discussed about Grand Admiral Thrawn’s return in the Star Wars Rebel season 3 along with the future of the Star War Rebel series. One of the biggest complications with bringing back such an important character like Thrawn in the Star Wars Rebel season 3 is the fact that the Original Trilogy doesn’t portray him. The absence is quite notable ever since Thrawn have been the greatest admiral in the Imperial Fleet. Fioni also mentioned about the same by stating “We need to know what our end game is for this character, [and] I think [that] is exciting. You go through a number of questions. ‘Does he survive? Does he not survive?’ We’ve been the architects of that as we’ve been going. I think we have a nice path figured out for Mr. Thrawn. I wouldn’t bring him back lightly without that plan”.

This fact points at Ezra and the other character on the show who have eventually become important enough to fit into the various happenings of the Original Trilogy.

Filoni later on added that “I love to give a lot of Tolkien references. But [in those stories] Faramir is kind of doing his thing, Frodo is doing his thing, Aragorn is doing his thing, everybody’s got their different movements. If you really study, Elrond was doing his own thing, Galadriel was doing her own thing, in the Iron Hills they were doing their own thing and it’s amazing how he orchestrated all that. So even bits that weren’t necessarily in the books, he knew what was going on. And when you take on mass continuity like this, that’s what you’re really getting at. You have to understand the world and all the moving parts of it. And I think the challenge is you want each story to be original and exciting.”

Through the above statement Filoni explained that all the characters are doing their job outside of the big screen even if they are absent from the movie.

This also highlights the interesting idea that since the Galactic Civil war extends to Return of the Jedi, the characters from Rebels can very well still be brawling throughout those events.

Star Wars Rebel season 3 will be premiered on September 24th. Check out its official trailer below:

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