Star Trek: Discovery (2017), Prequels to ‘The Original Series’ To Release Next Year

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Star Trek

The upcoming American television series Star Trek is all set to make a reappearance on the small screen with its latest show which is a most likely prequel to ‘The Original Series’ which will be named as Star Trek: Discovery. The following series will comprise 13 episodes with its first episode hitting the screen in May 2017. Though the first episode is yet to be titled, the pre-production procedure has already started.

The series renewal was announced in November 2015, when creators Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman joined hands to work together from February 2016. The series have been supported by Producers Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Fuller, Heather Kadin, Gretchen J. Berg, Aaron Harberts, Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth. The production team has put more emphasis on carrying on the legacy of the previous series called as ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ eventually making equal efforts to feature a diversified cast henceforth taking inspiration from the original design made by Ralph Mc Quarrie.

Considerably termed as a prequel to The Original Series which got aired from 1966 to 1969, Star Trek: Discovery will reappear in CBS All Access from May 2017 with an entirely new and crew. The series Star Trek: Discovery will be set on late 1950s time period where the plot will revolve around the discovery of the new world and civilisation10 years earlier of the sequences from ‘The Original Series’. The latest series will follow the crew of USS Discovery as they explore the franchise’s signature contemporaries themes. The series will mainly focus and revolve around an incident and events in the history of Star Trek that has not been talked about ever or neither been discovered.

The untitled latest series has been Directed by David Semel with the script penned down by Fuller and Kurtzman. The second (untitled) episode of the series Star Trek:Discovery has been written by Nicholas Meyer and Fuller. The later episodesof the latest series on CBS All Access will have various script writers who have given life to the untitled episodes showcased from May 2017.

The casting team is yet to be finalised but with a vague idea, one of the characters have been finalised and that is the character of ‘Number One’ who will essay the role of lieutenantCommanderon USS Discovery. The female actress to don the role is yet to be finalised but her original name will be revealed only when the first season of Star Trek:Discovery comes to an end hence undertaking 13 episodes.

As of now, Star Trek: Discovery which is undoubtedly a prequel to The Original Series set in the era of late 1950s will hit screensfrom May 2017 via CBS All Access.

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