Split (2017) Will See James McAvoy Step into the shoes of Billy Milligan

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Split (2017): There have been major developments in the movie industry from the past with more and more method directors opting to focus on complicated storylines and Indian director M. Night Shyamalan of Unbreakable and The Last Airbender fame is slated to being out perhaps one of the most sinister films of the year later this January called Split. Based on the life of Billy Milligan, who was the first person ever to be acquitted by a court of law owing to Dissociative identity disorder. Milligan went on to become one of the widest studied person by psychiatrists on account of the 23 personalities he housed in his mind and also became the topic of a considerable amount of books and movies made based on his medical condition.

James McAvoy stars as the lead in Split (2017) where he plays a DID patient with 23 split personalities.

Written and directed by Shyamalan himself, Split is being pegged as a thematic sequel to the 2000 film Unbreakable. The movie draws basic inspiration from Milligan’s life diving deeper into the 24 personalities that existed inside the mind of the former acquitted convict. James McAvoy, who is best known for playing a young Professor X in the later X-men titles, stars as the title character based on Milligan’s and the Scottish actor’s performance from snippets alone has already made the movie one of the most awaited movies of the year.

Split (2017) Plot

The official synopsis for Split (2017) reads:

After a wholesome teen birthday party, three girls are kidnapped in broad daylight: friends Claire (Haley Lu Richardson) and Marcia, and difficult outsider Casey. Their captor Kevin locks the trio in a windowless room, then proceeds to frighten and baffle them. One minute he’s wearing eyeglasses and obsessive about cleanliness, the next he’s presenting as female, and later he acts like a nine-year-old boy. It is revealed that Kevin exhibits 23 alternate personalities, and in order to escape, his captives must convince one of the personalities within him to set them free, before the arrival of the 24th and final personality, the “Beast”.

Split (2017) Cast

  • James McAvoy as Kevin “Wendell” Crumb
  • Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cook
  • Betty Buckley as Dr. Karen Fletcher
  • Haley Lu Richardson as Claire Benoit
  • Jessica Sula as Marcia
  • Kim Director as Hannah
  • Brad William Henke as Uncle John
  • Neal Huff as Mr. Benoit, Claire’s father
  • Sebastian Arcelus as Mr. Cook, Casey’s father
  • Izzie Coffey as 5-year-old Casey
  • Lyne Renée as Academic Moderator
  • Bruce Willis (uncredited) as David Dunn

Also, M Night Shyamalan himself is slated to star in an insignificant role in the movie continuing his Hitchcockesque style which he is known for in his previous films.

Split (2017) Release Date

Split (2017) premiered at the Fantastic Fest on September 26, 2016, and is scheduled for a worldwide theatrical release in the United States on  January 20, 2017, by Universal Pictures. The movie will release in India on February 24, 2017.

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