Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Released; What You May Have Missed and Easter Eggs

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Spider-Man: Homecoming: The 16th film of the much hyped and enormously profitable MCU, Marvel Cinematic Universe to the uninitiated, is Spider-Man: Homecoming. Starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker and his alter-ego, the superhero Spiderman and Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Iron Man, Micheal Keaton is cast as the main antagonist, Adrian Toomes aka Vulture, who has a suit consisting of mechanical wings, as revealed by Marvel officially. The trailer released a day ago with two versions, and we dissect the international version here.

The ball is set rolling when Spider-Man stumbles across a group of bank robbers at a Queens Community Bank. The robbers wear ‘Avengers’ characters masks, making Spider-Man: Homecoming an official MCU entry. Our superhero seems to be at his witty best when he points out that the robber wearing a Hulk mask is not the actual Hulk. However, they carry advanced technical gadgets, probably of the type seen in the hands of the Chitauri, the alien warrior seen in ‘The Avengers.’ This nod may introduce more powerful hands at play. Later, Ned Leeds played by Jacob Batalon and Peter  sit in the cafeteria talking about Liz Allan’s (Laura Harrier) fashion sense. Note that the characters of Mary Jane Watson or Gwen Stacy are absent here, with Liz Allan being the new love interest. Tony Stark then comes in with his trademark one-liners. Downey Jr. has inhabited this character so perfectly over the last 8 years, it feels like a second skin for him. He invests in Peter Parker’s superhero career by building him new technology, and maybe a new suit, which can make Spider-Man fly, or hover over long distances. Bruce Banner’s photo hangs in the background in the school scene of the trailer, a possible shout out to a future Hulk tie-up.  A weapons test is seen in the park, and we believe the man in the hat might be the Tinkerer, played by Michael Chernus, who is a second villain. The end of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer shows Vulture warning Spider-Man not to “mess with him.”

The Vulture’s suit

The same shot shows Peter in his old handmade costume, indicating a possible fallout with Iron Man. Finally, the Vulture is seen using the purple tech seen earlier, indicating a new franchise and a possible reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, the third time this has happened.

A scene from the 2017 reboot, thematically similar to the train saving scene from ‘Spiderman 2’ in 2004, below.

Lastly, we seem to be seeing some homage to the legendary Spiderman 2, with a scene showing Spider-Man saving ferries reminiscent of that 2004 film’s scene on a New York subway train. Spider-Man: Homecoming releases in July 2017. We have the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer here for you. Stay tuned for more news.


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