Speak Up! Scream! Shout! Start a Movement! #metoo

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Silence is the biggest perpetrator of sexual harassment. With generations of women being urged to ignore the smaller indiscretions, a culture where more heinous and violent outbursts are the norm has ensued. Over 70 percent of women in the nation suffer from some form of sexual harassment.

Continuing the #Metoo movement, it is imperative to intensify the fight against harassment by urging girls and women of all ages to shed their silence and speak up before the crime engulfs the entire nation. It is with this aim that I present our video titled “Speak up!”

Cast: Farrah Kader
Studio Infinite: Sanjay Patil
Styling By: Priyanka Shrivastava
Hair & Makeup By: Rupa S. Gupta
Sound Design & Music By: Sonny Ravan
Cinematography By: Sanu Yadav
Written, Edited & Directed By: Ekal Deep Kaur
Produced By: I. M. Singh

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