Sorare, The Soccer NFTS Are Here

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Sorare, The Soccer NFTS Are Here

Fewer and fewer are unaware of the potential of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and more who own some unique digital asset or plan to do so. And it is not for less if we take into account that, unlike any other investment asset, in addition to being exclusive they are:

  • Permanent,
  • Not replicable,
  • Impossible to fake
  • Verifiable property.

To make matters worse, and as projects as diverse as Opensea, Axie Infinity or the sorare NBA have shown, all digital content (from tweets, to video game characters, through clips of sports plays or artistic video creations) can be tokenized, owned and market.

Interestingly, and despite being a growing market with endless possibilities, until now no 100% football project had emerged. And we say until now because the French start up Sorare has come to cover that gap by creating the first soccer NFTs.

What is Sorare?

Sorare is the first fantasy football game built on blockchain technology where managers buy, sell, trade and manage a virtual team with digital footballer cards that are NFTs.

How Does Sorare Work?

As we have just seen, Sorare not only offers the possibility to buy, sell, exchange and collect NFTs, but it is also a fun game in which it is possible to win rewards in the form of valuable cards that can be auctioned and sold or cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

How To Create An Account In Sorare?

To open an account in Sorare you only need an email and a phone number to verify the registration.

Once you register, they will ask you for your three favorite soccer teams and they will give you four community cards with players from those three clubs so you can play with them.

After receiving them, a series of tasks will appear that you must complete to obtain more common cards, at the same time that you learn the operation of the platform. These are:

  • Customize your team: give it a name and choose a shield.
  • Join a league to win prizes: The default league that appears is the Starter League Rookie.
  • Compose the team to be able to take part in the league: with a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder and a forward.
  • Follow the players you like in order to be informed every time their cards are released.
  • As soon as you complete all these tasks you will be ready to start playing.

What Teams And Leagues Are Available In Sorare?

Currently in Sorare it is possible to find NFT cards of soccer players from more than 100 teams from different leagues.

Among the players of teams with official licenses, those belonging to Juventus and AC Milan of the Italian Serie A, Liverpool FC of the Premier League; to PSG of the French Ligue 1 and to any of those that make up the Spanish League, the Japanese League and the United States Major League Soccer.

Will There Be New Teams In Sorare?

Yes. Not a single week goes by without a new team or new league joining Sorare. Their objective, as they have been repeating on numerous occasions, is that in a very short time all those who play in the main European and South American leagues are available.

What Are Sorare Trading Cards?

In Sorare it is possible to find four different types of cards: Limited, Rare, Super rare and Unique.


Common cards are distinguished by having a white background and being unlimited. That means they are not NFTs, so they cannot be sold. Even so, they are important since they can be used to play in different tournaments and thus win other cards and even money.


Rare cards are red and are limited to a maximum of 100 per player. All of them have a serial number located in the upper left area.

Super Rare

Super rare cards are blue in color and are limited to a maximum of 10 per player. These also have a serial number on the top.


Rare cards have a brown background and are limited to one per player. Again, as with rares and super rares, they are marked with a unique serial number.

For each player there will only be a total of 111 cards per season (100 rare cards, 10 super rare cards and one unique). The limitation of cards and the fact that there are limited draws causes the revaluation of these assets. Which is why, if the game works, there will be a gradual increase in the price of Sorare’s NFT cards.

Play With Your Sorare Team

One of the things we like the most about Sorare is that it is much more than a platform to speculate or accumulate soccer player cards.

Sorare is, above all, a game that, as happens with football fantasy developed outside the blockchain, is designed to entertain football fans who enjoy this type of game.

Something that, as has already been seen in other play to earn such as Axie Infinity, is essential to build a project that is here to stay, as its creators hope.

To achieve this, they have designed a fantasy full of competitions in which the best players are awarded all kinds of prizes.

Sorare NFT Cards Price

In the event that you wish to buy Sorare NFT cards, you must, in addition to having some ETH in your virtual wallet, click on the ‘Market’ section located at the top left of the player menu. Once inside you will find two options:

  • New cards: Where you will see all the new cards that the platform is putting into circulation and that you can buy directly or by participating in an auction with the rest of the managers.
  • Transfer market: Where you will see all the cards that the managers put up for sale.

You also have the option to search for the player you want by clicking on the magnifying glass and typing his name. Once inside the player’s file, if you click on ‘Cards’ you will see all the trading cards of that player for sale (both those released by the platform and those sold by other managers).

In the event that the person who has put it up for sale is a manager, you can either buy it at the price that he asks, or make a lower offer and wait to see if he accepts or rejects it.

In relation to prices, these can vary enormously depending on the player and the type of card. That said, nothing like an example to get an idea of ​​the average price and its evolution over time.

As for the prices of super rare cards, it is difficult to find one below 1,000 USD. Quantity that is widely exceeded when it comes to ‘Top’ footballers. This is demonstrated by the most expensive sale closed to date, that of PSG striker Kylian Mbappé, bought by a user for 55,000 euros.

However, if we take into account the evolution in the value of Sorare’s NFT cards, the prices that we are currently seeing could be greatly appreciated, since it is a relatively new project with a great capacity for growth.

Is Sorare A Safe Investment?

To know how safe an investment is, you must know how safe and reliable the project is. In the case of Sorare, those behind everything are Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort. Two entrepreneurs who love soccer, collecting and the blockchain who, in 2018, seeing the absence of soccer projects on the blockchain, decided to launch the first fantasy with NFTs.

After two years selling his idea all over the world, Sorare took a giant leap in November 2020, when the FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué, attracted by the project, joined as a partner and closed a capital increase of three million euros. Euros together with the CASSIUS Family investment fund.

The latest big name to join Sorare has been the Atlético de Madrid player Antoine Griezmann, who has helped rise funding and secure a project currently valued at more than 50 million euros.

Its more than 100,000 users from 120 different countries and its average monthly growth of 80% make it clear that it is a consolidated, safe project with a lot of room for improvement.

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