Some Life Hacks Every College Student Must Know

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College Student

Hey Fellas, Congratulations!!! You all are big kids now all set to rock yourself in the college. While everybody else would be piling on advice on your smart brains we are here to offer you some amazing life hacks that will save you time, money and efforts in your college life. We know how boring it gets if you have all studies and no fun hence these lifehacks are a mix of fun loving and smart tricks that each one of you is gonna love. So here they are:

1.The incentive style for study:

Studies are important, we accept but they are boring we declare. Why not make the studying session a little more interesting with our incentive scheme. All you need to do is set an incentive on every chapter/topic you cover. The incentive can be anything a snack, any candy or might be some time for your favorite movie. This will make studying easier and lot more compelling.

2.Build your GPA in the beginning semester:

This new GPA thing is killing; you have to put some efforts in getting a good GPA score to pursue your career further. A simple trick to get a good GPA is to work a little harder in the beginning semesters. The beginning semesters are easier and hence you have good chances to score better.

3.Save your pens:

College Student

If only you are a victim of pen hijacking, you can understand the frustration of losing a newly bought pen. This is how you can save your pen from hijacking; simply hide your blue refills in a red colored pen and people will stop stealing them. The smart way isn’t it??

4.Explore creativity:

You forget things you memorized the night before, don’t worry it is a common trait. All you can do is start taking notes with colorful pens. This will make the notes interesting and memorizing and recalling the whole thing easier, thanks to your visual memory and yes, the colors.

5.Attend networking events:

Yes, they may sound boring but they are great for your after college life. A good networking group will help you keep links with some good people holding reputed positions in the corporate world.

6.Learn the skill of power napping:

A college is mostly an exhausting place that leaves you devastated. To overcome the recent burden you must learn the art of power napping. Sleep between classes or while the lunch break, this is a great hack to stay away during those boring lectures. 😛

7.Have fun and enjoy:

Yes, not to say but it is the time you live your life to the fullest. You need to be attentive while in college but also spare time to have your hands on fun and excitement.

So, guys, these are some hacks to make your college life swift and all fun. Try them out and live the best time of your life with friends. However, on serious note study hard as this is also the time you build the foundation of what you will be tomorrow.

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