Social Media Marketing Enroute To Business Success

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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is best and quickest way for all types of small scale and large scale businesses to reach their prospects and customers. Great marketing campaign through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest can bring remarkable success.

Why Choose Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is of great benefit for business developers as it helps in following ways:

  • Improved SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and Rankings- According to latest statistic around 60% of business developers were benefitted and saw improvement on their search engine rankings after the introduction of social media marketing as their primary marketing strategy.
  • Traffic Generation- The use of social media platforms to share, and distribute content brings an increase in website traffic.
  • The decrease in cost of Marketing- Social media marketing requires nothing other than time. A few hours of work every week can help you drive quick sales and exposure.

What does an effective Social Media Marketing strategy have?

A serious online marketing strategy requires having an immense level of dedication along with a proper planning. The planning should incorporate following points such as:

  • The requirement of the target audience
  • Always share relevant messages only
  • Allow others to share the relevant messages

Social Media Marketing

How to devise an effective Social Media Marketing strategy?

1. Always go for Mobile-Optimized Blogs for social sharing–

The world is not a click away; nowadays it is just a touch away. Introduction of smartphones is a revolution and if you also want to bring any kind of revolution, opt for responsive and mobile optimized blog and website. These blogs are easy to read, view and share the content online via social media platforms.

2. Make a blend of old and new in the form of Integrated Social Media Marketing–

Never undermine the power of old ideas as they are the foundation for the new ones. You can recycle traditional marketing activities and integrate them into social media marketing. You can do this in the following way:

  • Addition of social media buttons to your website- This can help in increasingtraffic towards the website.
  • Promotions and Advertisements campaigns- It is high time to say goodbye to newspaper advertisements and yellow pamphlets. One can now opt for social media platforms to share content about your products and services withtheir future customers.
  • Always provide smart after sales service- The old school method of customer service involves making constant calls to the customers in order to obtain customer feedback whereas social media enables you to get quick feedback via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure to maintain a consistent Brand Voice

It is important to create a perfect persona of your brand as it lays the foundation for social media conversions across channels. When one plans to develop a brand voice, it important to make sure that your brand caters the needs and the interest of your key audiences. A solid brand voice gives an assurance that your content is consistent as well as compelling in nature across social media channels.

Make Your Choices wisely

A beginner who is launching his brand for the first time usually dive in and try to create a presence online on each and every social media platform available. But it is advisable to plan and begin with just a few social media channels and develop a proper and in-depth knowledge about them. While making the choice of social media channel, always consider the differences between every social media source and keep the target audience in mind. This will help in generating most meaningful results as well as ROI (Return on Investment) for social media.

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