Smart Cities in India Increases With Addition in Lists

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Smart Cities

Lucknow, The City of Nawabs, being at the top of the list of Smart Cities earned it after quite a span of time. The winners list was announced at Fast Track competition for almost 23 cities, belonging to Union Territories and States on Tuesday. Out of which 13 could make it to the finale list and were announced as one of the smart cities in the country. The winners’ list was outnumbered by  Minister of Urban Development and Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Venkaiah Naidu on the occasion of completion of two years of Central government.

Apart from Lucknow, topping the list, other cities too got the opportunity to include the Smart City of India. Previously, it got rejected due to required deficiency. But soon it managed to fill the loopholes by 19% of regarded qualities and topped the list. The Government of India announced a list of best 20 cities initially and later on included 13 more to it.

The criteria for eligibility to be enlisted was improved the quality of lifestyle and hailing by 25% in the particular city. It included conditions as such education scale rating, property dealings, environmental issues, pollution check by the population of the city. The selection was made through great question answer round twice. The marks obtained helped the cities to enlist in Fast Track competition. The first round consists of Smart City challenge in which 20 top performers were selected out of 98 targeted cities from various states and UT.

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The second level consisted data sharing, performance, infrastructure, development, etc. thus qualification of 13 cities out of 20 cities. Cities that became smart city are Warangal, Telangana (13%), Shimla, Himachal Pradesh (27%), Chandigarh (9%), Raipur, Chattisgarh (25%), New Town Kolkata, W.B. (11%), Bhagalpur, Bihar (25%), Panaji, Goa (9%), Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands (26%), Imphal, Manipur (27%), Ranchi, Jharkhand (27%), Agartala, Tripura (25%) and Faridabad, Haryana (12%).

According to Venkaiah Naidu, The new approaches introduced, the new churning at the level of urban local bodies and states/UTs, the new spirit of competition among cities and states to do better than others, the new enthusiasm and vigor being demonstrated, the new clarity of thought about outcomes and actions to be taken and the new beginning towards urban transformation in a more purposeful and holistic manner marked the process of urban renaissance.

This is for the first time that 98 smart cities chosen and 497 Atal mission cities gained innovative initiatives and approaches. Urban population above 70% has been accounted for a long-term five-year action plan. The result was taken out of a comprehensive analysis of infrastructure gaps, baseline service levels, a balance between citizens’ expectations and action plans, integrated picture of individual projects, resource mobilisation plan in a more feasible manner.

The Centre in governance will adhere to improve infrastructure programs in urban areas. It has carried on with a budget amounting worth Rs. 1,13,143 crores under its noel missions. The budget was increased after viewing the previous budget which was mere 33,902 crores INR comparatively. Further, due to an ill-rated performance of developed cities budget was the individual need. Past 10 years scaled out a token of 17,889 crores INR. for appropriate housing for underdeveloped cities.

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