Skills JavaScript Application Developers Should Learn in 2018

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Undeniably, JavaScript is one of an essential programming languages for web development as browsers are the most used software apps on computers and mobile devices similar. With the tremendous resurgence of JavaScript in the past decade, open source projects have flagged the way for future web development to surge with advanced plug-in and major browser fallbacks.

Moreover, developers know that JavaScript world can seem crazy with its constantly changing trends and resulting anarchy; however, it’s probably safe to assume that things are enhancing for the most part. Since the technology is fixing the problems of old related to scaling and complexity issues.

With many new trends comes in demand with the technology startups, there is no need to know these skills as the most important element that comes to mind is willingness and capability to learn and improve. However, having experience with trending JavaScript technology will up your game. But do you know what are the latest trends that JavaScript mobile app developers should learn in 2018?

New Skills That JavaScript Developers Should Learn in 2018

Fronted Framework

If you are looking forward to developing projects from starting, a chance is that you will get benefit from a fronted JavaScript framework. You can get numerous options; however, the most popular choices are React, Angular, and Ember.

Ember, as well as Angular, are both MVC frameworks, helping you to separate models, views, and controllers from your workflow. For developing single page applications, they will help you out in dealing with routing and views.

Moreover, React is a quite different than others as it works on top of a virtual DOM that gives an instant way of manipulating the DOM. It comes with page components and helps developers to build a library of reusable resources; however, it is not a traditional MVC framework.

By calling Angular/Ember JavaScript frameworks, you can succeed the differences while calling React.js a library. They all are working on the frontend, speed up development and should all be considered viable choices for enhancing your skillset.

Functional Programming is Becoming Mainstream

In the recent time, there are numerous programming concepts have been worming their way into mainstream programming; however, the functional programming paradigm itself has attracted a lot of attention with the increase of complex web apps.

Languages like Scala were slowly convincing backend developers to embrace functional programming; however, Facebook’s React motivated front-end JavaScript developers to take a functional approach UI development. With the huge popularity of functional programming, it seems that it has the chance to become mainstream.

Now, the front-end web development appears all about reactive programming and functional programming. As it is multiparadigm, React+Redux is the highly friendly solution for all those, who are comfortable with object-oriented programming.

When it comes to React, it requires developers to take a functional approach to UI whereas Redux motivates a functional approach to handling data. Everything else is still done OOP-style. Those, who are looking forward to jumping into full-on functional reactive programming, but still looking to stick to JavaScript then RxJS is one such skill that you should learn.

RxJS is a reactive extension of JavaScript, which can be used easily to replace the Flux architecture altogether whereas it will overkill for small and simple apps. For the web application, it is a powerful foundation, which requires doing a lot of complicated stream processing. RxJS used by Netflix whereas Angular2 depends on RxJS for dependencies and promotes the use of RxJS.

Developing on Node.js

We have noticed the popularity of Node.js and it is very first that developers can make use of one language on the frontend and backend throughout an entire web application. This all-new library is still growing rapidly and it delivers a way more than just a backend framework.

It serves numerous tools like NPM and Gulp.js that both are part of modern web development workflow. The tools of it are running through the command line and there is one of the biggest reasons for developers to integrate this into their workflow.

It is recommended for developers to familiarize themselves with NPM to start. It is a lot easier to install and popular fronted package manager on the market. As it is more of an environment/library, so it doesn’t have a custom framework; but it does have frameworks built on top of Node.

This high-end MVC framework merges with the Node environment, so you can run a local Node server and develop whole new web apps on Node from front to back. Node environment considered as the best as it allows doing so much and the web dev community has instantly rallied to support Node and its related tools.

Considering skills that JavaScript developers should learn in 2018, developers should learn React & Redux and be familiar with functional programming. They should get started with TypeScript also. Along with this, there will enormous opportunities for all those, who have dabbled with React Native.

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